July 27, 2010

Kao Prettia hair dye in Chiffon Beige - Review.

My cousin introduced me to this bubble hair dye and I tried to search for it on google to find some good reviews on it. I found some on the reddish tones and some on the dark browns, but nothing detailed on the lighter shades which is what I wanted to buy =( SO, here's my own review of this Kao Prettia hair dye on Chiffon Beige.

First of all, my cousin pointed out to me that Kao Prettia is the same as Kao Liese in terms of colour selections. What's useful to know is that the Liese line has English instructions while the Prettia one is just in Japanese. But, there's always English instructions posted online in forums, youtube tutorials, etc.
This is after I used it, I forgot to take pictures before XD. So you'll notice some leftover foam on the bottles...hahaha.
This is the colour I had hoped for, also the colour that was on my cousin's hair (it looks amazing on her).
Results, depending on your hair colour.
So let's talk about my gross hair first. I naturally have very black hair which I dyed red about 2 months ago. I used a drugstore brand called Nice 'n Easy. Prior to this I had dark brown hair with black roots showing. And wouldn't you know, when I used Nice 'n Easy, the brown parts all turned quite red while the black roots stayed black. Instead of looking like I just dyed it red, it looked like I'm overdue for touch-ups already. -_-" *Sigh*

Before: normal indoor lighting.
Before: direct sunlight indoors
Here are the GOOD things that came out of using Prettia. First of all, it covered my black roots completely. Unlike drugstore brands, this is MUCH more suitable for the stubborn black Asian hair that refuses to take in the hair dye colour (like mine). I'm not saying my hair took in the actual colour I wanted, but hey, it didn't stay black at least XD. Second, one bottle goes a long way. I have medium length hair, but it's incredibly thick. My cousin said she's never had to use the whole bottle of Prettia dye before on her or her friends, but for me, she used the whole bottle on me. Buuuuut, the whole bottle was enough =) You'll see that the tips of my hair are clearly dyed as well as the roots. Some say that this product seems to leave their hair silkier and smoother, but it didn't really feel that way for me, maybe because my hair is very thick and coarse. I did however, feel that it wasn't as heavy as before.
After: normal indoor lighting.
After: indoor with flash.
Now, on to the cons. First, the colour didn't turn out the way I wanted it to. From the box, it clearly shows shades of brown, but mine turned out burgundy, probably due to the red dye from my previous dye job. I can't really blame this on the product, but still, it was a bit disappointing. Second, the roots turned out VERY close to the brown shade that I had hoped for, while the rest of my hair looked reddish. So, if you look very closely, you'll notice a transition of colours from light brown to red in my hair.
The day after: sunlight indoors.
The day after: normal lighting indoors.
 Overall, I do like this product. It's amazing how hair dyed at home can have such vibrant colour results. And, even though it looked very red the first day, it turned more brown the next day. This is true to what I've read in other people's reviews where the colour becomes more obvious (and even between the roots and ends) with each wash. I'd say it deserves an 8/10, where the colour goes on best if you had previously black or brown hair. If your hair was previously red like mine, expect a slightly different shade in results XD.



eri said...

Gorgeous! I also used prettia! I used MARSHMALLOW BROWN and I'm surprised at how easy it was to get an even color (even my dark roots cuz i already had lightened hair from previous dye!) In case it might help anyone, my before and after pics of it can be found here.


San said...

oooooooh thanks for the link!! I was considering marshmallow brown too for later this summer =D

Anonymous said...

It may not be the color you want, but your hair looks great! It looks like you have brown hair with red highlights like you went and got it done at the salon.

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