July 18, 2010

happy birthday to MEEEE!..lolll

YUP, I'm a year older today ><"....ahhhh I feeel old but San says I don't look old yet so its still good ahaha. Anyways, I'm NOT too lazy to make a post today its just that I was busy pretty much the whole day until now...so here I am writing "the" post nowwww...LOL. Hmmm, so what can I talk about? Uhhh...oh yeah, San wanted me to talk about my birthday presents ahahaa..

So the first present I got this year was from San and my five other beloved friends that I've known for like forever LOL and its a Swatch watch from the "Full-Blooded Collection" (yes I went online and looked it up after I got the gift..loll)

(This was the bag and gift box(?) that it came in..ahaha)
(Here's the watch and the case for it...you can't really see the case properly though..LOL)

(And yessss...a CLOSE-UP of the watch is needed!..VERY PRETTY isn't it?!?!..but it also looks like I'm doing an ad for them or something :P)

And here's another one of my birthday presents, a sheep plushie that can be transformed into something useful LOL..and it was from my aunt! :)

(A close-up of its face while it is transforming!!..ahahahaa xD)(Here's how it looks after its transformation...a super soft pillow! ^^")

(And my aunt also got me this Mocha Mousse cake!!)

Hmmmm and for the other presents that I received they were all red pockets which means money LOL...so I guess I shall go get myself something niceee!...AHAHAH :D

Well...that's it for now cause I'm getting sleepy -__-"....butttt THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO WISHED ME A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!



Dee said...

Time to go shopping!!!!

Season said...

Pearlie=] i have the sheep too! it's so fluffy and soft i love it!=P when are we going out again?

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