July 21, 2010

Docs, docs, docs.

Dedicating this post to Docs, which I LOVE. So comfortable, it's amazing! I got my first pair last year as an anniversary gift from mister D...

Silver 14 eyes! I still love them more than any other pair of shoes I own, partially because I can grab everyone's attention without me having to wear killer heels. WAHAHAHA...my moon boots are love.

These purple 8 eyes I bought more recently. They're veeery comfortable! And obviously it's more casual, since it doesn't reflect light like the other ones XD

...and guess what? The boyfriend got a pair of matte black docs, thanks to me constantly annoying him about how good Docs would look on him =). Oh, but these aren't the ones he ended up with. He returned it for the 14 eyes. WOOHOO, even better ;). Honestly, any guy can wear 8 eyed Docs, but few can pull off 14 without looking...um...weird. This is all according to the sales girl, NOT me. Then again, maybe she was trying to get him to buy the 14 eyes since it's more expensive. LOL, who knows?!

I've noticed that the 14 eyes are not as comfortable as the 8 eyes...this is also true for a friend of mine who also wears Docs. My 14 eyed ones are soft leather, so there's this hard THING they added in there near my achilles heel and it scratches me when I walk in them for too long. Another thing is, I bought UK size 6 because the size smaller is too tight on me. That little extra space in there is probably why it scratches me. It's horrible ><" Buuuut, I found a cheap solution to this. I added a thick piece of square foam which I found from my brother's computer room. I'm sure you'll find a lot of these when you have things shipped to you in the mail. Anyway, placing them right at the back is perfect. The foamie adjusts to the curve of my heel and it's thickness keeps the hard thing from scratching me. I've tried those drug store sold soft heel protectors you stick inside your high heels that serve the same purpose. They do noooot work. Not for these shoes -_-" Soooo....foamies, in my opinion, are the best way to go =)

If you like chunky shoes that feel comfy but look awesome, you should consider Docs. Best part is, there're so many styles! I'm currently loving the floral ones, but I'm sure I won't buy them. One crazy pair + one normal pair is enough for me =) I'm going to buy other shoes instead! LOL...I can just picture Pearlie shaking her head in disapproval while reading this. Anyway, that's all for today, I wrote too much XD. My constantly runny nose is driving me crazy, I must take care of it now...(I'm literally running around the house for more kleenex screaming, "WILL YOU STOP RUNNING ALREADY!?!?!" Yeah, I talk to my nose. A little too often.



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