April 27, 2011

War Machine

Wow, I'm finally home after 3 days o.O...weeeeeeird. Anyway, as promised I took some pictures of War Machine at last. Only 2 shots were okay, because the lighting was poo and it messed everything up. Hahahaha XD Oh well...

Here we have the Iron Man 2 movie inspired statue of War Machine, which matches the Iron Man statue which I don't remember whether I posted pictures for or not o.O. Anyway, he is HUGE. And absolutely gorgeous of course =D!

Hahaha this makes him look so badass. Yes, he is glowing.
CHARGE!!!! Yes how lovely...isn't Wolvie tiny XD?

 Thank good D had some good shots of him -_-"...
Amazing detail. Look at those scratch marks on his shoulder!
Love the matte finish on the paint =D

Tune in next time for a joint post on Pearlie and San's haircutting adventures. I'm letting Pearlie cut my hair, yay =D.

And she's the one who's freaking out. Hahaha...



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