March 2, 2011

Two finger rings~

Hello again! I finally have a chance to sit down again and make a new post =) As I mentioned last time, I received my package from Hautelook~! I originally didn't want to buy anything from there, but I fell in love with this gorgeous Free People dress. I bought it, felt like it was too expensive, and returned it. I had NO IDEA Hautelook gives you credit instead of money back on returns T-T. If I knew I wouldn't have bought the damn dress >

Here they are.

Burnished Gold - Bird and Flower

Filigree Silver

Burnished Gold - Tortoise and Hare

The first one was my favourite...the last one was more for fun (it's Newbie and...David??). Anyway, my seriously humongous purchase (to me anyway T^T!)  is due to arrive any day now...super excited for it ^^! And I'm craving for noodles right now...Vietnamese 'crab paste' noodles to be precise. Ahh, and I want to eat jjajangmyun again, even though I just ate it last night. SO GOOD x___x! Damnit, I must control myself -_-"

Okay, time to get started on my assignments...aren't I a good girl, working on them 3 weeks ahead of the due date?? Hahaha. Hope the Canadian college students are enjoying their reading week. Ours went by way to fast >



Alx said...

omg they dont return ur money??!?!?!>< wth... anyways i love the ringss i was acutally gonna buy ONE lol when that sale was on but i didnt feel like i wanted to spend $ so i skipped it =P...and i love the turtle the best!! looks like he's really walking away haha super cute!!!

Season said...

love the turtle one...sooo cute <3

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