March 6, 2011

San's Favourite Foodies - Asian Edition part 1

I was bored from doing (trying to do) my course paper when I decided to it's time for an update! I couldn't think of what to talk about, since so far most of the pictures I've taken with my camera are of Mister D....hahaha XD. For some reason, lately I've been CRAVING  a lot of different dishes that I've had in the past and why not make a fav foodies post? (I know it must seem horrible that they're all Asian dishes only...obviously I love other dishes, it's just that if I include EVERYTHING I don't think I'll ever finish this post in time to sleep XD!)

Here they are, part one of my 'favourite dishes' list in no particular order...

1. Bun Rieu (Vietnamese crab noodle soup)
You know how at hot pot/shabu shabu, you're presented with a dozen different sauces to mix for your food? Well, this one time, I noticed a new sauce my sister bought with a huge crab on it. It looked a bit scary, because it's like, reddish orange. And of course, we all associate red/orange coloured sauce with SPICY. Soooo I was hesitant in trying it, but damn did it smell good. I gave it a try and OMIGAWD it's so good!! Fell in love with the sauce. Today, I continue to keep a jar of crab paste as part of our collection of Asian sauces in the kitchen. can imagine what happened when I found out they made NOODLE SOUP with this stuff (or based on the flavour of it at least!).
More yummies under the cut~

2. Jjajangmyun (Korean Black Bean Noodles)
I seem to love noodles quite a bit, don't I? This is what I usually try to look for when I go to Korean restaurants, because it tastes soooo good. I don't know why, I love noodles that are thick and heavily coated in sauce. First time I tried this was at a Korean supermarket food court with my girlfriends. We bought the 'family size' one, and the plate was HUGE. I mean, nearly the size of half the table. I had never seen a dish served in such a gigantic dish was pretty overwhelming. But wow, did it taste heavenly. I think this is inspired by a Chinese dish, which is spicy. This one however tastes sweeter, and being someone who doesn't like a burning mouth, I prefer this =)
3. Sushi & Sashimi Platters (Assorted Japanese Raw Fish..and whatever else they pair with it)
I know this isn't really a special dish, but it still had to be added because it's one of the things I will NEVER get tired of eating! I'm usually surprised when someone tells me they don't like sushi and sashimi. Seriously, everyone loves it! When I first tried it (we're talking grade 3!), combos only came with the regular stuff like salmon, cucumber rolls, etc. Now, there is so much more! Dragon rolls, rainbow rolls, spicy salmon rolls! I find that the more I eat sushi and sashimi, the more I like it. Even the stuff I originally hate (for example, the slimy raw shrimp), I end up loving. Of course, with most of it being raw, you have to be careful in picking the restaurant. I've had some where the fish tasted a bit too warm or frozen...gross.
From Pedro Moura Pinheiro's flickr
4. Butter Chicken (Indian chicken marinated in awesome sauce)
I don't eat Indian food very often, solely because I have no opportunity to do so. There are barely an Indian restaurants around here, and I seriously don't like eating foods from other cultures in a food court -_-. But I do remember eating this at a small joint near my sister's house. She said they make awesome butter chicken, and boy was she right. When I picked up a piece of chicken from the take out container, it was oozing it that heavenly sauce. Seriously...Indian food has the most amazing combo of spices. I don't like spicy food and yet I find myself loving Indian food XD!

From stu_spivack's flickr
5. Leche Flan (Filipino 'caramel cream' pudding)
I know the description is probably wrong...I just couldn't think of how else to describe this! It's delish x 10000000. I'm not really a fan of very sweet desserts, but something about this pudding has me asking for more every time I finish one serving. It's so creamy and it just sort of melts in your mouth. And I am absolutely IN LOVE with anything caramel or tastes that has that caramel taste to it. I think I've tried other versions of this but it just can't compare to this one. Mister Dee's grandma makes it the best. EVER. If only I could ask her to make me enough to last forever...*drools*
From simply anne's flickr
6. Tom Yum Goong (Spicy Thai soup with assorted...stuff.)
Another spicy dish that I love. It's pretty spicy and it does leave my mouth burning afterwards which is such an awful feeling...but the spices in this soup is so yummy! I love how the various vegetables taste in this =)! This is the only item on my list that I've tried making myself at home. And I must add, the Tom Yum paste is also another must-have in our sauces collection~

Okay, I must stop here for now, because 1) I can't think of anything else off the top of my head and 2) I am sleepy. Hope this post made your mouth water =) 


Pearlie said...

I like the jajangmyun and the sushi/sashimi!!!...oh and I haven't tried number 1, 4 and 5 before..LOL :P

San said...

Go eat #1 with me XD

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