March 23, 2011

Silver things.

It's snowing today! And I mean that in a bad way of course =(. Everyone who's out there today, please be careful...if I had known it would be this bad, I would've told my friend to stay home today instead of come back out to meet me ><". Haiiiii...stupid snow -_-"!

Anyway, today my brother received his prize from Heart and Stroke Foundation for his donations. It turned out to be a necklace, which he of course had no use for...guess who he gave it to ;)? Also, I finally received 2 of my 3 items from Regal Rose, which is a lovely online jewelry store I'm loving lately!

Click now~~

Stupid me...took a picture of the paper thinking it's a thank you note for the donations....turns out it's reminding you to keep the necklace clean?! -_-" lol
Two finger Cross ring

Armour Ring...kinda like the Westwood one, eh? XD

Well that's all. Still waiting for one more item from Regal Rose which is my favourite one! And I hope it'll stop snowing soon...>



Jenny said...

aahhh i love that ring!!! very very vivienne westwood!

San said...

Thanks Jenny =) Yes it is <3 it's hard to wear though, haha ><

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