January 15, 2011

New Banner!

Just have to quickly point out the obvious before anyone notices and comments on it...NEW BANNER, YAY! Took me a couple hours to put it together. Doesn't mean it wasn't HARD though. I haven't used Photoshop and Illustrator in 3-4 years, so drawing those bows were a bit of a pain -_-". But anyway, it's done! It adds some colour to our rather plain blog, so hopefully you'll feel a little less blah when you come visit.

Ahh, now that that's out of the way, time to plan out my hectic schedule for tomorrow night. There's so much to do just to get ready for a simple dinner with girlfriends...being a girl sure is a pain sometimes -_-"


Nighty night.


Alx said...

soo pretttyyy!! love the bowssssssssss soo cutee!!!.. last time i tried changing mine into a simple triple heart picture i took when i was in montreal but the proportion was WAYYY offf but i have zero time for that now =P it seems too complicated to figure it our lol and yesss i dont know why but its the hardest to ask u girls out!!! it takes months of plannign serious for just a hot pot -_- wats up with that?!??!?!?!?!

the.red.bow. said...

Hahaha yeah we took a while to get the proportions right...good thing no one caught it while we were fixing it XD

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