January 12, 2011

I shall date you today.

Wow, today was FREEEEEZING. Hate snow. Especially dirty snow -_-" Anyway, I finally have a chance to sit down and make more overdue posts XD. During the holidays, I begged Pearlie to date me before school took over her life once again. So, she allowed me to drag her to a lesser mall that was further away from our area. Taking the bus was a pain, but it was worth it since we both came home with something!

When Pearlie told me she had her heart set on buying a warm winter coat that day, I was super excited. It meant Pearlie was ACTUALLY making a big purchase in my presence. WHOAAAA. The last time she made a purchase while with me was in the university bookstore. Yep.

So when we first got on the bus, she handed me this:
Haha, it's a RED BOW!
Dearest D--. Can't give away my name THAT EASILY. XD
It was my very late birthday card =) Sorry can't show you the inside, it's too corny and sappy. You'll all get goosebumps and stuff. HAHAHA. But I still love it <3 Thanks, Pearlie!

And the rest of our day went like so. Sped through mall. Found stores we needed to go to. Bought stuff. Got tired. Ran to catch bus. Went to Pearlie's house.

And now, lots of pictures at Pearlieeeeee's~
So who bought from Aritzia and who from American Apparel? (Isn't it obvious XD)
Ta daaaaaa~ Pearlie looks like a giant!
Pearlie models her coat...

...and then mine.
WOOHOO. Finally got my body suit. Though I don't know when I'll wear such a revealing piece o.O

Also bought a much needed black bandeau. Sorry, only took one shot of this, so blurry XD.
And then we just did random stuff around her house...
We both got a bag over the holidays. And they both happen to be brown hahaha.

Mini Polaroids time! Didn't write anything on them yet...
Thinking SO HARD. Just to write one sentence! In the end I came up with something for her to write -_-"
There they are =)
Alright, that's all I've got. Other pictures are rated R (hahaha, just kidding). Mmm...I don't have anything else to blog about from the holidays T-T...hopefully this weekend will be eventful or I'll have to start blogging about stupid things again =D! Well, time to pack for tomorrow's class....getting up at 5:30am. YAY!

LOVE LOVE LOVE! A small preview to our future banner. Argh, I'm slowly getting to that, I promise -_-"
Nighty night.


Alx said...

awww soo cuteee the card!!! and im in search for a coat tooo but i dont like shopping for clothes that much anymore i hate trying stuff then breaking my wallet haha.. anyways i love ur coattt pearl!! and deeeee u finally got ur bodysuit!!!!! olala... =]

the.red.bow. said...

I KNOW EXACTLY HOW YOU FEEL! I hate spontaneous shopping sprees, always hurts the wallet the most =(. That's why I shop online/look at it on the site first, and then think it over a loooong time before I decide whether to buy it or not XD

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