January 25, 2011

Snap of the Day #17

LOL...its been so long since I've last posted and I'm sure San is probably mad at me for not posting, but she also knows that I'm too preoccupied with schoolwork so maybe that's why she hasn't been bugging me about it..hahaha ;D Btw, it feels like I've already did so much work this term but there's still at least three months before this term ends ><"..whyyyyy?

Anyways...once again I'm tired today after lecture (like I usually am ><")....so I seriously want something like the following to keep me awake...hehee xD

Green tea latte from Starbucks...yummm!
Strawberry ice cream waffles!
Am I making anyone hungry yet? :P



San said...

DELISH. But I'm still super full from dinner x_x. Hahaha, I didn't bug you at all because I completely forgot to XD

Pearlie said...

hahaha...then you shall continue to forget about it xD

Alx said...

omg yummy waffles where are they from ?!?!! u know my fav drink from starbucks IS the green tea latte!! but ive been breaking out soo much that i have to stay away from milk and sugar sooooo i only had green tea >< it smelled just like the latte omgg soo tempting T_T

Pearlie said...

hmmm..I ate the waffles at 金鳳 ("Gold Phoenix"), the place diagonally across from Markville H.S....like near Markville Mall and behind Loblaws..do you know where I'm talking about? LOL I think there's another one of this restaurant at Warden too...we should go together sometimes hehehee xD

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