January 9, 2011

Midnight blue...another hair dye job.

Soooo, today was our annual family house cleaning event! It went quite well for me, I'm done cleaning my room and washroom. Just need to help clean the kitchen and my homework area now =D. I found some time to actually transfer my camera pictures so I can write a decent blog post.

As I mentioned before, I dyed my hair again~ I know it's bad but there's a VERY GOOD reason why I did this time. My black roots were starting to show under the light brown hair dye T-T
My hair colour the day before dye job. Notice how I took the picture at an angle that purposefully cuts off the roots? LOL
I contemplated whether I should just use the other Prettia Hi Bleach I had on my roots. I even opened the box and everything...but I decided not to. It felt like more of a summer colour, so I think I'll use it then =D. I COULD have gotten a Prettia one again in a dark shade, but I didn't want to take that chance. What if the red in my hair isn't fully covered up? I needed something that could COMPLETELY cover up the lighter shades in my hair, so I went for this, something I used before...
L'Oreal Paris NF02
I could've gotten black. I could've gotten dark brown. BUT, if you know me, I never want to go with the safe "natural" colours. I ended up leaving the store with "Deepest Indigo." Of course, I never expected it to turn out BLUE blue, since this isn't the first time I've used this product XD. I was somewhat inspired by this girl to change my hair colour:
Was going for this type of hair colour. Doesn't she look like an Asian Barbie doll?! (Taken from shirogyaru.com)
I can tell you right now, the results are amazing. This is the only time I will EVER praise drugstore brand hair dye; within 3 minutes of applying the dye on my bangs (where the previous colour was most vibrant), my hair turned black INSTANTLY. If you're looking to strip your hair of its current colour, this series by L'Oreal is an awesome choice.
Natural light (indoors). See the blue at the top? =D No I didn't cut my hair just to match the model's hair above...XD
AHAHAHA. I've never taken something that looks so girly o.O. But anyway,  the usamimi headband looks THAT MUCH BETTER with my new hair colour. Btw, this is clearly indoor bathroom light. XD
 I think one downfall to dying it such a dramatic colour is that you really need to put make up on....or else you end up looking like a sickly emo who's slowly dying a painful death (or is it enjoyable, since I'm emo? Ah, who knows). Otherwise, I like it! It's nice and easy to manage because my natural black hair is pretty dark too, so you don't see an obvious line where the roots are when my hair grows out. Great colour for winter time too ^^. I think this is just what I needed to even out my hair colour again, before attempting to dye it a light shade. Don't get me wrong, I'm still a supporter of Prettia since they have beautiful light colours that work well on my hair.  But when it comes to darkening my hair, I find myself going back to this specific line by L'Oreal every time.

By the way, for those who don't like blue, you can go for the plum or red one (I know some people don't want their hair so dark that it looks dyed black). I tried the plum before and it looks quite pretty. It's like having soft black hair with hints of violet. I think the plum is called "Deepest Plum" but I can't remember. I can't even guess what the red was...Deepest Cherry? Lol XD

Anyway, there you have it. The end of another hair dye story. I'll sloooowly get on with posting the other stuff I said I'd post~ 


I just looked up that line of hair dye and realized the other two colours REALLY ARE called Deepest Plum and Deepest Cherry! What a lucky guess...wish I could do that on tests. -_-"

View all their colours here. I only know the blue and purple work very well, so if you buy any of the other colours, then please post pictures and review! I'd love to see how those turn out...


Pearlie said...

ahhhhh...so did you cut your hair after I saw you last time (meaning when we went shopping during the holidays)...LOL cuz I remember your hair was dyed already but I didn't see your bangs like that ><"

the.red.bow. said...

Ahaha yeah they were overdue for a trim when we went out so it covered my eyes...had to force them to one side XD

Anonymous said...

What color is the hair dye?

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