January 29, 2011

Shoo shoo hag! (Somewhat picture heavy.)

I was going make the very much overdue post about our girls night last weekend, until I realized I don't have enough pictures on hand to do so x___x! Pearlie still has the main bulk of the pictures with all the gift unwrapping and the birthday girl's gift! And of course, she's dying due to school (so what else is new?) so let's just give her some time....LOTS OF TIME...XD.

Okay, enough random poo. I have found something to blog about that's relatively interesting ;). The past weekend, I have purchased some shoes online...WEEEEE. I hate Aldo so much, you know that? Especially when they have sales with free shipping. EFF. Makes me cave in every time.

What my brother likes to call "biker chick boots"

Cowboy-ish boots. Sort of.

Over knee boots...really takes forever to put on/take off.

Sky high heels (for me). Need to get used to NOT falling in these.

Had too much fun with the empty space in the vacant room. And kitty kept interrupting I decided to let her join in. Anyway, I have received the last of my Christmas gifts so I shall make one last post about 2010 soon...

(Btw, anyone remember my title from early episodes of Katekyo Hitman Reborn? LOL....love baby Lambo!)


Pearlie said...

whaaa...I thought you got three pairs but you have four new ones here...LOL you're a shoe-crazyy lady..hahahaha ;)

San said...

LOL yes I'm insane I know T-T. But the first pair was from before, it's the pair I told you I ordered near the end of the holidays...I haven't worn then yet XD

Alx said...

all i gotta say is tsktsktsk dee><
BUT SHOW US WATS INSIDE THE BOX!!!! not just the box lol

Pearlie said...

LOL she did show what's inside the four boxes...you just have to click the "read more" link thingy at the bottom of the post to continue to read her entry..hahahaa xD

Alx said...

OHHHH no wonder!!!! the title says picture heavy!! i was like WHERE?? lol kk ill check them out noWW =P

Alx said...

sexy pictures!!! i love pair #1 and 3!!!! and dee u are sooo skinny!! jealous!!

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