December 30, 2010

No. 1 Obsession.

You'd think a girl's number one obsession would be shoes. Or even bags, clothes, etc. Or if you're a nerdy one, it would be manga, video games, figurines, blah blah. But mine is pretty strange. POUCHES. And I know, some of you are like, "uhhh, I use lots of pouches too...for bags that don't have enough compartments right?" Err, not quite. Let me break it down for you:

Here is my school bag. I chose this as an example because it's one of the few that fit everything but doesn't kill my shoulder. Look, it's smiling at you!

Here is everything you'll find in my bag. The pink cherry pouch carries all my necessities like keys, tissues, hand sanitizer and hair elastic. I can't go ANYWHERE without that pouch. Mainly because I can't get back in my house without it. The black leather one is really a little purse, but it fit all my contact lens stuff nicely so it became a pouch lol. I have a case, solution, mirror, and eyedrops in there. You'll also see I have three wallets: Domo-kun is for coins, Coach for cards and any gift cards/certificates, and VW for regular bills and other ID. Now the remaining two pouches I shall expand on in the next picture...

On the left is all that you'll find in my beige pouch, aka camera pouch. Inside of that, I have a sunflower pouch for the actual camera (Instax one), the silver pouch for extra film, the blue/gold rose pouch for extra batteries and the mini lens + cloth. The black stencil-like pouch is for my digital camera, which I bring along too just for simple snapshots. On the right is all I carry in the pink checkered pouch. In there, you'll find a brown pouch for my Gravol and bandaids. I get car sick EASILY. And there's also the floral pouch on the far right which opens up into a bigger pouch/reusable bag for shopping. LOL, yes, I have a pouch in a pouch. My Advil is missing for some reason...odd =/

So really, this is my stuff. You'll notice some essentials are missing like my phone and my iPod, which, YOU GUESSED IT, is each in their own pouch. Lol XD. Oh yeah, and when I take different types of transportation, I have separate pouches for my TTC tokens, Viva tickets and GO tickets. Yep. Usually, I carry no make up on me (tooo heavy...omg) but if it's an overnight trip, I have no choice but to bring yet another pouch for make up. *Sigh*

Just so you know, I don't carry ANY of these things when I go to school, not even the wallets. Because I'm paranoid, I like to prepare myself in case I get robbed XD. The only time you'll find all this in my bag at the same time is when I go somewhere by car. I was hesitant in making this post too soon, because a girlfriend promised me free pouches. If she saw this she might not give me any =(



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