December 26, 2010


Here is the story of how I ended up with 5 random headbands.

After finishing my last exam (which I studied for in a day), I rushed to catch a bus to meet Mister D. I fixed my face to hide my exhaustion from studying all week, but I did not have a chance to fix my hair. It looked like crap. Ew. So, I decided to grab a bunch of headbands at the mall to cover it up. Here are some of them.

USAMIMI HEADBAND! It's really long, so the ears part is very exaggerated. Err, don't know when I'll wear this yet

Doesn't it look like a hat?! It's awesome haha.

The other two are brown and  a thinner black one just like this. I love the hippie look. XD

Still can't believe I found this and it wasn't at Pacific Mall. What's up with that? LOL
And that is the end of my story. I'm tired x_x early day tomorrow. NEED.SLEEP.NOW. Oh yeah and I dyed my hair, should put a picture up looks VERY crazy.



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