December 8, 2010

Snap of the Day #15

Hmm...I have a crappy lab exam tomorrow for my animal physiology course so I should really be studying right now, but there's this one picture that I really want to show San (since I haven't seen her in like forever T-T). And after some thought, I decided that posting it here would be the best place to put it as it relates to the stuff she likes and have also previously made blog posts about...hahaha xD

So this picture is a snapshot of this toy I saw the other day when I was at Walmart (LOL!)...and once I saw it, it made me think of San and her interest for this character in the movie :)

Haha..this version of Iron Man looks cute and I prefer this compared to how it originally looks LOL (but I'm pretty sure San would disagree with me on this :P)
Btw, this picture is badly taken once again because I took it in a hurry since I don't want to look like a weird person taking a photo of a toy IN the store -__-"...anyways that's it for now, back to studying for me T-T.



Principessa said...

Ha! Awesome! said...

Okay, now buy that for me Pearlie. Lol XD

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