December 28, 2010

A heart for you.

I don't know where Pearlie disappeared to =(. SHE HASN'T POSTED AT ALL! Tsk tsk. She did help me with the "read more" thing on blogger, so I can't complain too much XD. Let's hope she'll post SOMETHING soon....before our holiday is over. And let's hope her post will be super duper long to make up for her lack of posts lol. I keep forgetting to post this, but I bought a winter coat! It's nothing special...other than the fact that it's a men's coat =D I decided I needed something warm, but minus the girly styles like the short puffy coats or the long TNA coats that accentuate the waist. I know they're warm, but I just hate how all women's coats are either one of those two styles...and obviously anything else isn't warm enough for super cold days. SOOOO I got a men's parka =) It's a bit big, but it still fits my body structure relatively well. The puffiness of it just adds to the 'rugged guy' look that I was going for. Who doesn't want to look intimidating in the winter?

Okay clearly there's nothing intimidating about this picture. But there it is!
Hurraaaay for men's coats =)! And hurry again that I fit them lol.



Ellinor Forje said...

I like the photo and the way it was taken. Thaks for sharing and drop by me too when you have time.


Alx said...

cuteee... it actually doesnt look like a mens coat at all!!! not baddd =] u're tall enough to pull off anything s2 n pearl is way tooo busy with her thesis!! said...

Haha thanks =)yeahhh it really doesn't look like a men's coat here =D

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