December 11, 2010

Christmas is coming~

Hurray it's almost Christmas! It's funny how excited I sound right now, because I usually don't care much for it. LOL XD. I don't care about the gifts, the food, and I hate the weather. I don't go to parties and the tree is a pain to put up...NO ONE HELPS ME T-T. But I think I'm all giddy right now because I've finally switched carriers and I don't have to freak out about the phone bill anymore~

I must say, this new carrier is pretty close to awesome. I didn't get the phone I was originally gonna get (if you must know, it was the LG dlite aka LG Lollipop (first one). It's cute and all but when I read that I can only store up to 2 phone numbers per contact I knew I couldn't live with that. I got so used to my organized contact list with 3-5 numbers per person, their email addresses, and I even make notes about each person to remind me of when they're reachable or whatever. That would be all gone x____x. So I picked another phone. At first I was a bit guilty because I picked one that was one of the more expensive ones out of the list of phones they offered....but then when I went into the store the guy said "heeeeey I'll put you on the tab...stay with us longer and your phone gets cheaper over time." AWESOMES. I paid $150 less for the phone, and I just need to stay with them for TEN MONTHS...$25 a month too! I get unlimited calling/texting btw. Wooooo. Anyhoo, I won't reveal what phone I have here, it's nothing to brag about (seriously, it's not lol). And did I mention they are letting me use 3G without having to pay data fees? I couldn't sleep last night because I saw 3G on the top, and I thought, SHIT they are charging me for data aren't they....omgomgomg. I went on live chat help at 8am this morning and they told me I'm not. LOL. At my old carrier, they charge you for the 3G data usage. ALL THE TIME. I had to enable the "use 2G networks only" option and switch to 3G only when I need to go on the internet. Geeeeez.

Oooookay I've wasted enough space...but I swear that marks the end of my cell phone miseries/stories/rants whateverelseyouwanancallit.
Now, on to my Christmas post!!!

I dedicate this second half of the post to you, secret santa. I thought I was a bit vague when I said I wanted anything that goes on my head that works with straight bangs, so let me show you what I have that I actually like to wear...
Ta daaa. Not much I know....I don't wear much LOL
Here are the close ups...
Winter hats -- don't get me a small beanie like the checkered black and white one, I don't really like the fit -_-" get me the droopy ones like the purple or grey one!!! If possible, a cloth one is good...I wear the grey one all year round =)
Summer hair stuff - I don't wear the red christmas bow btw, it's just there for the effect. Lol. I don't wear much of these, I probably wear the soft hair bands the most (minus the flower one, that's a belt I modified into a hair band lol) because they are super LOOSE and comfy.
Whoops, left out a hat. I already put the others away though when I found it XD. It would be nice to get a new and funkier trucker hat actually, I hate the sound of "BIG IT UP" but I can't wear the white one anymore and I only have these two! It's unfortunate, but the white gets dirty easily and I can't figure out how to clean it >< Help, anyone?

Let me tell you a bit about what I don't want for the baseball caps. I know I mentioned this before to you girls but I don't think I explained it clear enough so I'll put it up here too:
The black one on the far left I CANNOT wear. It is a regular baseball cap and unlike the trucker hats, the front part is small, so it digs into my skull (equals major headache after 5 minutes!).
See the difference? The white one has a much wider flap thingy (what do you call those things -_-?!)
Here's how much wider it is
Wow, and please don't get me anything remotely like this. It's really not my style. Taken from here.

Does anyone WANT the black Adidas hat? It's brand new and it won't fit my head ><. Message me if you do. Oh and I trust my secret santa will know my taste by now =). Good luck!

Oh, if you're reading this and you're not part of my secret santa group, please don't get me a gift. I'm not saying it to be polite while secretly wishing for a gift anyway. It's because I don't want to have to get you one in return LOL. I'm sorry, but I hate gift shopping and I have no $ for any gifts outside of the necessary ones like secret santa, family and D's. I want to keep gifts to the bare minimum. Hope you Just write me a card or something I can still afford to write one back hahahaha.

Happy shopping everyone!

BY THE mom came home yesterday with RIPLEY HAIR (from Aliens). Omg, my mommy kicks alien butts.


Season said...

ooh i like the purple one;P

where did you get the gray cloth one? i want something like that for the spring/summer too:)

i'm just curious...don't the headbands hurt ur head? i can't wear headbands at all, they give me headaches within 15 minutes ><" said...

Haha yes I knew you'd like the purple one, it has your name written all over it ;D

The grey one is the besttttt. I got it from Te-Koop on Queen St. W. It's the store with all the sunglasses lined up near the front half of the store. I keep forgetting the brand of the hat...something like Osaka Pop or Osaka something. This grey one is sold out, but they have black and white. The black isn't true black anyway, it feels more like a dark dark grey. It costs $29.99, but it was worth it! I've never found a hat that can replace it XD

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