December 29, 2010

So....what have I been up to recently?

As the title of this post suggests, this entry will be a rather random entry about a bunch of things that I'm pretty excited about recently and especially since my holiday started which was just four days ago, but it will be ending soon T-T..

First of all, I have more to post about my favourite people, guess who? LOL.....TVXQ (Yunho and Changmin) will be releasing a new Korean album as stated in my previous post and their album cover was revealed in the last couple of days:

Their new album is titled "Keep Your Head Down". :D (Picture Credit: SM Entertainment)
One of their songs in the upcoming album was released already however, because it is also one of songs in the OST for the ongoing drama "Athena: Goddess of War". This song which is also titled "Athena" may be heard in the following video which is the official music video of the song made from clips of the drama (Video Credit: SM Entertainment).

I personally really like this new song from Yunho and Changmin, but what do you guys think?

However, other than TVXQ's new Korean album release, JYJ (Junsu, Jejung and Yuchun) have also revealed the news that they will be releasing a new self-composed Korean album next year, most likely in January (OMG...January will be a very busy month for me..hahahaa xD). Their new album is said to be in the form of a written photobook. Along with the photos, this photobook will contain handwritten messages from JYJ as a way to express their gratitude for their fans' support. And just yesterday, an audio preview of six tracks from this new album was released on their official site (Video Credit: C-JeS Entertainment & KyuleeKPOPMV):

Just from this audio preview I can already imagine how amazing this album will be...hahaha btw I am NOT biased :P

However, other than just being overly excited about the album releases of TVXQ and JYJ....I'm also really in love with a certain Korean drama recently and it is called "Secret Garden". This drama belongs in the genres of melodrama, fantasy and romance and the leading roles of this show are played by Hyun Bin (which I've known since My Name is Kim Sam Soon) and Ha Ji Won (whom I did not know about until this drama but has been in quite a few dramas and films, such as the award-winning drama Hwang Jin-i).

Basically, this drama tells the story of an arrogant and eccentric CEO (Hyun Bin) and a poor and humble stunt-woman (Ha Ji Won) and how their accidental meeting marks the beginning of a relationship full of tension and bickering. However, their relationship becomes more complicated when a strange sequence of events led to the swapping of their bodies. (Btw, this brief synopsis was taken from Wikipedia...because I'm unable to summarize this show in such a concise but informative way ><".) To get you even more interested (hopefully I'm doing an okay job at this -__-") are some pictures from the show that was released before the first episode was aired on tv (I'm doing this so that I'm not giving away any spoilers :D).

(The following pictures including this one are all taken from the following sources: Chosun, Asiae, Newsen, Review Star)
Hyun Bin
Why does he look so hot?!?! LOL xD
Ha Ji Won

Overall, I HIGHLY recommend this drama because the chemistry between the two leads are simply amazing and the plot is rather interesting to begin with. Just in case you are wondering where you can actually watch this and is debating whether or not you should watch it because you don't understand it since it is in Korean...then fear not (LOL!) because this drama is officially subbed in English by Drama Fever (click here to watch the first episode). So go watch it now!!! xD

Anyways...this entry is way too long already, so I shall stop right here LOL. And hopefully I'll be writing another post before school starts again but I cannot guarantee because I have a crazy thesis proposal that needs to be completed by January 10th :(...



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