December 8, 2010

Time to get SERIOUS!

Oh wow, I have been so blind. If you bothered to read our "About Us" page, you'll notice that one of the things I said about myself is that I LOVE to keep up with new cell phones. OH GAWD THE CONSEQUENCES ARE KILLING ME NOW. Well, it's just that I didn't notice it until now. I saw an ad for a cheap phone with a cheap phone plan recently and it got me thinking. So I sat down and did some calculations...

Here's what I'm currently using/paying for:
-a smart phone at "some cell phone carrier" that happens to be one of the more well known ones.
-------approx. $70 per month for data plan + add ons (caller ID, etc)

If I "downgrade":
-a crappy phone at a newer and "lesser" phone carrier.
-------phone = $140, plan = $25 per month

LET'S one year, I spend about $950 (HOLY that's almost a thousand bucks....AHHHH) at this "well known carrier" and this is minus the price of my phone, which I don't even want to mention o___o. If I bought the crappier phone AND used their plan for a year I save a crap load, and I can talk and text LIKE A MAD WOMAN. And never overuse anything. JEEEEZ that is so awesomezzzzz.zzz.z.

What the efff, I feel sorry for this guy. (Taken from

Okay let's talk a little more seriously now.

I think it's really time to consider giving up this hopeless obsession with "new" cell phones. You either have to get a really expensive plan for it, or buy the phone at the original price (which is still expensive). As a student, I simply can't afford it. Actually let me rephrase that...
As a girl who has daddy paying for her main living expenses, I simply can't live with myself knowing he is paying a SHIT load of money for something that is not even a necessity (the data plan at least) and will most likely get tired of when a newer phone model comes out.

Oh and another thing. Some of you out there reading this right now...YOU ARE GUILTY OF THIS AND YOU KNOW IT! Just because you CAN, doesn't mean you SHOULD. So, just because you're "allowed" to (or your parents can afford to let you) get a new phone all the time with the most expensive plan to go with it doesn't mean you NEED it. You don't really need to be on facebook all the time, like when you're taking a piss in a public washroom (oh god I have seen this I really have)! You don't really need to chat on msn mobile when you're in class (that's what laptops are for, stupid)! And you ESPECIALLY don't need to update your twitter every 5 minutes (who the HELL cares that you went from one store to another store within 20 minutes? Are you ASKING to get stalked or something? WTF is wrong with you??).

Here's what I think. If you wanna be all hip and flash your new phone at everyone, maybe you should try to make your own money to pay for the bills first.

And zat ees my lesson to you today. Of course, many of you will continue to do what you're doing and not care, and that's perfectly fine. Well, it's not fine where I find it acceptable, but it's fine because I'm not paying your bills. I'm not trying to be a saint here, but you should really consider this option (especially if you're a student) because the money saved = money you can spend elsewhere. Whether you choose to spend it on other useless crap is entirely up to you, because I know that is EXACTLY what I'm gonna do with my money. Or, my dad's money.

I hope all this doesn't sound too bitter, I just wanted to reach out to some of you fellow students. Anyway, let's end the post on a lighter note. I get to pick a new (but crappier) phone! Woohoo! No sarcasm intended, because I really AM excited (because I already picked one!). It's quite pretty, and was endorsed by certain Kpop groups (I bet Pearlie knows what it is already LOL). Due to the reputation of the brand (in Canada at least), I already know the phone won't function as well as my old phone. Technically I could get a better phone, but mehhh. It's just for shits and giggles anyway (because it lights up...oooooooh, pretty!!).

By the way I was kidding about chatting on msn while in class. Do it only if you must. Heh heh heh.



Season said...

which new phone are you getting?

i'm still debating whether to get iphone 4 or not... i don't want any data plans though, i hate how they try to force u to get one... it'll be around $350 for the phone without a data you think i should get it?? said...

Ahaha you'll see the phone's still a smart phone but it's not what I would call the best one. LOL XD It was pretty cheap though so I went for it.

Hmm...$350 for the phone without data plan, meaning you still need a plan though right? Is it with Rogers, because their voice plans are pretty awful If you really want the IP4, you might wanna go to Fido? I looked into it, and I think the voice plans seem better, but problem is I dunno if they offer the phone without data plan. OH GOD YES they're evil to make you get the data plans -__-" But $350 for the phone does sound like a good deal...or wait for IP5! LOL XD

Season said...

yes it's rogers, i don't really care about the voice plan anyway cuz i don't like talking on the phone, i only talk with my family on the phone...and my plan's $25-30 i think, the only thing is i get charged for texting=="...but $350's still more expensive than my IP3 which was $200 so im still thinking about it=[
any idea when IP5 will be released?:P said...

I seeeee...aww yeah that's one of the things I hate about Rogers, charging for texts -_-" hmm, if I were you, I'd wait longer because I BET the price will definitely drop for IP4 soon, and there were complaints about IP4, so rumours were going around about how they'll be pushing the IP5 out soon to make up for the IP4's flaws. Read here for more details, but it's not official, so it might not be 100% reliable:

I would suggest waiting for a bit more news on the IP5 and its functions to come out first...see how much more of an improvement it will be compared to IP4. If it's not much of an improvement, then just get IP4 instead. By then, the release date will probably be set in stone for IP5 causing major price drops for IP4 (that's what happened to IP3). But if it's really better than IP4 by a lot, then making the jump from IP3 to IP5 is way more worth your money, don't you think? ;)

Season said...

i'll definitely get IP5 rather than IP4 if it's coming out soon=]...ughh my face is red and hot from the cold and my head's hurting...i hope i don't sleep in tmw so i can cramp for tmw's exam...zZZ

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