December 14, 2010

TVXQ (Yunho & Changmin) are coming back sooooon! fangirl mode in action again?!?! xD

The remaining two members of TVXQ: Yunho & Changmin (this description sounds depressing, but since the other three members left for "now" so that's how I shall describe these two T-T) are having a come back real sooooon. According to SM Entertainment, their new album will contain a variety of genres allowing fans to see how much these two members have matured vocally. And for the past few days they've been teasing fans with concept photos like these:
(Credit: Tohoshinki's Official Site)

Hehehe...I enjoy the eyecandy (LOL!) although their eye make-up in the second photo is really NOT what I like but at least they're making a comeback so I'm fine with pretty much anything ><". Anyways, the release date for their new album in Korea is January 5th and this will be followed by the release of the Japanese version in the form of a single on January 26th (which is also Jejung's birthday, FYI he's one of the members that left TVXQ -__-").

Ahhhhh....I can't wait till their new album comes out, but before then there's still so much crappy school work to be done :(...SAVE MEEEE!



G said...

They're cute.

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