December 23, 2010

A much needed break!

...not a break from, but a break from school! Nice to know I can rest now. I finished my last exam yesterday morning, but last night I was still dreaming about stuff I've been studying over the past two weeks...LOL. Well, I've been taking quite a few pictures of some interesting things (to me at least), so I'll definitely be posting up stuff in the next two weeks...ARGH I DON'T WANT SCHOOL TO START SO EARLY....EFFFFFFFF WHYYYYYYY T-T

*Ahem* anyway. My brain is still so much in school mode that I felt the need to write a point form list of what type of posts I will be writing during the holidays...gawd, I feel like such a loser:
  • I've FINALLY taken pictures of my birthday gifts ( was 2 months ago XD) and I don't plan on posting pictures from my birthday get together with my girlfriends anymore...I'm too lazy to go gather pictures from facebook ><. 
  • Anddd, I went shopping after my exam yesterday for headbands! I bought was on sale so might as well XD one of them was an usamimi headband (bunny headband) which I've wanted for soooo long! Definitely posting pictures of my secret santa won't buy me duplicates =P. 
  • Ummmmm, I also have an idea for an "extreme obsession" post, so hopefully that'll be a fun read for you guys. 
  • Oh yes, and there'll be another hair dye post XD. But not something to review about because I'm just dying my hair black to fit the season (my hair feels so summery right now, kinda weird o.O). 
  • Depending on what I get for Christmas, I might write something on that....or at least one on the food I'll be cooking (with my brother!) for the 25th. Not that I can't do it myself....because I toooootally planned/prepared the Thanksgiving dinner on my own XD NOT BRAGGING OR ANYTHING....JUST SAYING....XDDDDD. 
 Hopefully something interesting happens besides what I have planned so far (which is next to nothing) so I have more to blog about. Hahaha. And one LAAAAST thing...Pearlie's last exam is TOMORROW! Wish her luck! And pray that she won't die from the stress! Because if she dies, then I'll need to find another date for Monday. Lol, just kidding Pearlie <3

Took a selca for the first time on my cellphone today. It's nothing special (and quite ugly IMO lol) but I felt like sharing it because it reminds me of a vampire. My phone camera drained my blood. LOL
Okay time to hunt for some fresh blood. Ciao~


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