May 8, 2010


SERIOUSLY. You have to watch Iron Man 2. Even if you don't like Iron Man...JUST WATCH IT ANYWAY! I loved it...I'm STILL all hyper about it and the movie finished an hour and a half ago. Okay, I MIGHT be a bit biased, with my obsession over Iron Man, but I'm pretty sure 100% of the people in the theatre were just as satisfied as I was. I don't know how accurate this is to the comic, but come on. When do movies EVER stay true to the original comic or novel completely? As long as it kicked ass, then it's a good movie =D!!!

ANYWAY, enough about the movie. Allow me to point your attention to my outfit, which is basically my WAR MACHINE T-SHIRT!!!!!! (Yeah, you're never gonna hear the end of Iron Man. At least not in this post. Oh and by the way, I wore bottoms. Obviously. Just that they weren't half as important as the shirt so bleh.)

Here's a picture of Iron Man Mark III kicking my ass. I know this armour is old and was in the first movie instead of the second, but I just had to take a picture with him and War Machine together.

I can safely say San and Daisuke were the two nerdiest people in the theatre tonight, since one wore the War Machine shirt while the other wore the invincible Iron Man one (Aren't we the cutest couple EVER?! =D). Oh, and in case anyone's wondering, the Iron Man figure in the pictures was a birthday gift from Daisuke last year. I can't wait for these guys to make the Mark IV, V and VI figures. It's going to look soooooooooo good. Omg and War Machine too. Geez, I need to calm down...time for some tea. Homemade chai latte perhaps.

But while I'm still in nerd mode, I'd like to mention how I've recently (more like starting from yesterday) began liking Full Metal Alchemist. A LOT. Whoa, I don't even know why. Wait, I DO know why. *Pokes Daisuke in the ribs* Great, I just get nerdier each day, thanks to you. But honestly, I hope there'll be some amazing FMA cosplayers at Anime North 2010. Which reminds me, I've got to work on my costume x___x

Okaaaaay, seriously. Latte, RIGHT NOW. Ciao.



James M. Gibson said...

Where did you get that shirt?!?!??!
I had one just like it and I left it in a hotel and now I can't find another one anywhere!!! It was my second favorite Iron Man shirt. I want to say I got it at Old Navy or The Gap. Do you know where I can get another??

San said...

I got it from Old Navy! They tend to release new (and old) comic tees every year (from what I see in stores here anyway) so your best bet is to try and find the shirt there this summer. They SHOULD have it, I saw an old Iron Man shirt there 2 summers in a row =) hope that helps!

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