September 2, 2010

You've got mail~

Yes, I certainly do. I got a little package earlier this evening delivered to me and I was all giddy because I thought my Scott Pilgrim comics were here. Buuut, when I read the box it said it was from USA so of course I was a bit confused. I opened it and found something better! My lovely friend Bernice had sent me some awesome gifts from LA, and here they are~

Here's what she got me...
-A Coach mini skinny (just what I need to relieve my overstuffed wallet!! Finally, one item crossed off my wishlist XD )
-A cute mini black leather purse from "Junior Drake" (after googling it, I found out it is a unique handbag brand ^^ Their philosphy is "It's not the bag, it's the girl!" Love it!!)
-The card and the YSL package is for my sister =) It's a duo lip colour palette! (Feels heavyyy...I wanna see how it looks when she opens it haha)

Ah, I feel so bad, I have nothing for her >< I must get her something as a thank you for all this, but what do you get a girl who has lived in HK and LA, two places with access to nearly everything?! I don't think a large jar of maple syrup will cut it XD

Well that's all there is to share today...receiving the gifts really brightened up my day =) Bye for now~

By the way, happy one month and one day to sweet Mikayla ♥


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