September 10, 2010

Guess who's baaaaaaack?

Lalala, I'm back =D! Sooo, I don't think Pearlie or myself mentioned that we were suppose to go visit Crystal in St. Catherines after she settled down in her new apartment...AND, Pearlie also didn't mention that she was unable to go...*WAHHHH*, but at least I had Alex to keep me company. I also noticed that....PEARLIE DIDN'T MAKE 2 POSTS! She made oneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Yes yes, I already hear her saying "there's nothing to posttttt.....I had no timeeeeee" well, FINE...I'll forgive you this time Pearlie >.> Anyway, let's talk about our little trip to St. Cat...

So, we took the bus + subway + coach bus to get to Crystal's...crazy, eh? But we had a lot of're a few pictures of us at her place (I didn't take pictures at the barbeque, will probably post some pictures when I get them from the other girls)

Part of Crystal's birthday present....cute little polaroid clips =D The other part is behind it...the magnetic frame also for clipping her pictures, and the flowery box for keeping her junk in XD
The other part of her present! We maaaade it <3 You can't see too clearly, but we all hold a letter, and together it spells out CRYSTAL
Her sexy shoes from Nine West...Yes I do like them, but I can never be brave enough to walk in those like you can, Crystal ><
YUMMY! "Mei Sum" mooncakes in Mango flavour...they are SO GOOOOOOD.
I only posted the pictures that were appropriate for the blog...all other pictures will be on facebook~

By the way, I realized I'm this week's Fashion Hime Friday #27 =) Hurray! It was pretty cool seeing my face there...ahahaha. Go read my interview! Go go go!

Also, be sure to visit Sara Mari's blog for lots of cool stuff on Japan...I love her hairrrrrr =O



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