September 26, 2010

Red Head Alert - Prettia Hi Bleach

Hellooo...I am back yet again to talk about my hair. Lol XD. Sooo like I said a couple posts back, I bought two boxes of the Prettia dye again. And I guess there's not much to say about it that I haven't said before. It's great on Asian hair, and the formula is MUCH less damaging than your drug store brands. It's great =) Anyway, I'm too lazy to give you much detail about this one...basically it's bleach in a foam. Oh yeah, I cut my own hair too...don't know if you can tell lol. One bottle was actually too much for me after I thinned out/layered my hair, so Crystal if you're reading this, you'll probably have enough to dye your whole head of hair with one box XD.

Chiffon Beige - Weeks after I dyed it (looks very RED doesn't it?)

Chiffon Beige - 2 weeks ago (right before I cut and dyed it again...notice how the red toned down a lot more?)

Hi Bleach - 1 day after (made the colour look revived/more vibrant?)
I would take a picture of what it looks like now to show you how it looks, but my hair is a mess =( I'll keep updates on the colour changes though. I actually prefer the regular dye over the bleach because it made my hair look very light to a point where you see gold undertones along the roots, and I dunno...that's not what I was going for =/ I think I'll try the ash colours next time =D By the way, I got a new laptop~! I love's way faster and much lighter o.O Maybe I now I can make some more random posts while I'm at school lol. Anyhoo, back to my readings...ciao~



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