September 13, 2010

Last Floral of Summer

Hello all...I'm feeling so unmotivated to post because it's school time again =( Arghh, I'm so tired from the first day -_-" and I already found out from an email on Friday that I have a stupid exam on my birthday T^T!! DAMNIT. Anyway, I already have A LOT of stupid readings and assignments to do (gotta love those profs for piling them up on us...) so I'll just upload a few pictures me trying on the dress mister D bought~

Sleeves down. Excuse my horrid face, I woke up a zombie that day and decided make up would do nothing for me.
Sleeves up! Lol, don't you just love the dirty mirror ^^?
Lalala...close up. Ah yes, I should start listing what I'm wearing...lessee,
H&M floral dress/strawberry black knee socks from Pacific Mall/Aldo boots

I COULD post a proper picture of the boots, but I realized my fat thigh was squeezing out of my knee socks in that shot, so I decided not to...HEHE. It'll probably come up again next time.

Anyway, let's end this post with a picture of the dead looking me on the first day of class:
This is my "get-me-out-of-class-before-it-even-starts" outfit. Very appropriate, since I look like a bum. I certainly captured that homeless look exquisitely, don't you think? *sarcasm overload*
If you love those droopy toques/hats or whatever they're called, this grey one IS FOR YOU. Omg, I admit $30 cdn plus tax for something like that is a bit much, considering H&M has knitted ones for like $7, but seriously...this one fits soooo much better. And since everyone started wearing the H&M ones, I like this one even more haha XD. I forgot the brand...Osaka something. Osaka Pop? Errrr....I'll find out somehow. I got it in a store in Downtown Toronto. Lalalaaaaa...yeah, I'll shutup about that now =D

Well, that's all for today. What a disappointment, I know. But seriously, today killed hand is shaking still from copying notes -_-". I'll try to write more interesting entries and post more fun pictures soon, I PROMISE.



Claire said...

I believe I saw you as Fashion hime on another blog, really love your style :D said...

Aww, thank you :D

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