September 8, 2010

Snap of the Day #8

My sister bought these keychains at the Disney store today and I thought they are just too cuteeee so I had to post up a picture of them. AHAHA....xP

I think it would've been even cuter if it was Daisy with Donald Duck rather than Goofy. LOL
Ohhhhh and I also wanted to reveal the answer to what the "egg with a rose that can sit still on a table" thing is. LOL...So that egg is something that my sister got from one of those toy capsule machine (I googled for this name ><") and it claims that after the egg is cracked, it works like a flower pot where you can plant the seeds that you get along in the capsule. My sister wanted the one with sunflower seeds but in the end she got the one for "lucky grass" (but it had a picture of a four-leaf clover -__-"). Anyways, she still haven't cracked the egg so I don't have anymore pictures to post of it yet. (Btw I'll reveal what the "colourful things" are in my next post :D)



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