September 12, 2010

Hills, Mountains and...Caves? - Part 1

Okay I've finally decided to not put off the posting of this one entry anymore. And this entry is gonna be about the two days one night trip that I had in August (yes..its been a while LOL) with my family to Carriage Hill Resort. what can I say about this little trip, uhh..this "short" trip was full of the hills, mountains and caves that I've used in the title. Actually I think in order to better explain where I went and what I've seen over the two days I'll explain with lots of pictures (this is my excuse for being bad at writing ><").

Our first view of the resort on the outside! :)

 Now for a view of our amazing room! xD
Here's the living room/dining room/kitchen and it was also where me and my sis slept LOL. There's a huge sofa bed but it wasn't opened yet (so you don't see it here).
The bedroom with the huge bed!
A JACUZZI (this was our entertainment for the night although there was free wifi access too LOL)!! :D :D :D
Our private balcony!
The PRETTY view from our balcony. (This is where there were hills..heheh)
After arriving at the resort and putting our stuff down, we walked around the resort, checked out their recreation center and it was already almost time for dinner LOL. And because dinner lasted for a crazy long time, before we realize it it was already all dark out thus we had to stay inside our room (but we still had fun! :D). The next day we left early to go to Blue Mountain just for lunch (what a crazy idea!), but I've never been to Blue Mountain before sooo I was really happy that I've got the chance to go because "the village" there is really pretty and I love the historical "look" to the buildings (LOL).

The Village at Blue Mountain!

They had Starbucks there! :D
Candy store...I really like the lollipops that are sticking out, they're so cute!
The weather was so nice that day.
CHESS!..ahaha I don't remember how to play however :(
Here comes the mountain! AHAHA~

After walking around, we went to eat lunch at Firehall Pizza Co.
Which is this building right here...LOL
Flying pizza dough! :)

 Our juice and iced tea!
Nachos as the appetizer. :D
We ordered so much that day LOL!
I loved the chicken fettuccine alfredo, IT WAS SO YUMMY! xD
(PICTURE CREDIT: Most of these pictures were from my sister's camera LOL)

*Due to this post being way too long already (and it will take FOREVER to load all the pictures), so I'm gonna have to split it into two so here's the first part...xD*



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