October 8, 2011

Alive and Well?

No, I'm not dead and neither is Pearlie. What is dead however, is my laptop! Argh. Seriously, the WORST time for it to die...I need it to do my assignments! SO STRESSED OUT. And I'm so behind in blogging, I knowwwwww! Pearlie is doing great though, she's got 2 jobs and a new offer on the way~! WOOHOO PEARLIE. Well, those are the details I know so far, I'm sure she'll clarify eventually.

Which reminds me, I really should find myself a part time job too -_-". But I'm worried if I do, it'll be a distraction for me and I REALLY don't need that this year, since I have to do a thesis/research thing...T-T. WHAT TO DOOOOOOOOOO?

Anyway, will come back when my laptop is fixed, meanwhile I'll let Pearlie take over (oh no, our blog is going to be dead...LOL!! Just kidding Pearlie, I have faith in you!)

See you all again soon.
(ugh, yes Pearlie I LOST our signature jpg...you'll have to send it to me again -_-)


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