August 10, 2011


I'm so unmotivated to blog. Mainly because there's nothing to blog about x_x. I completely forgot to take pictures of the DIY haircutting process with Pearlie (sigh), and I also forgot to snap a picture of my friend's new hair colour/cut before she dashed off to work from my place (double sigh). Instead I have a slew of blonde hair pictures. LOL...wth -_-". Remember those wigs I bought a LONG time ago? Yeah well I finally actually "did something" with one of them...XD

I cut the bangs! And very horribly too -_-"
This is one of the few (RIDICULOUSLY BLURRY) pictures that show how loooooong the wig was.

Er, if you don't want to see some seriously "vain" pictures, you should stop reading right here...LOL.

Um, the bangs looked pretty awful because I was cutting them while wearing the wig...LOL. I was just so bored and decided to test out some new shadows before washing my face that night. I ended up looking like Barbie, and naturally I pulled this wig out of its hiding place to complete the look. It looked horrible with the original uncut bangs, so I just snipped the front so it looked more realistic (yeah like bright blonde hair is realistic).

Anyone else getting a Katherine McBride vibe from this? Minus the eyes and red glasses of course lol.
 Okay so right at the last minute I decided to remove the seriously vain-looking picture I took with the wig and was so "hey I'm trying to be cuuuuute" that I just felt too embarrassed to post publicly. XD

ANYWAY. Hope this batch of pictures was mildly amusing to you, dear readers. I shall come up with something more interesting to blog about soon...I hope.
(EDIT: haha...came up with a new blog topic sooner than I thought...*refer to next post* lol)



The Shoe Bunny said...

Hehe so cute!! The bangs look fine dear :)

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