August 3, 2011

Messing around sure is fun.

Finally met up with Pearlie yesterday! I swear we've been so out of touch with each other lately. Actually, I'm assuming we've both been very out of touch with everything and everyone lately...including this blog LOL. Ahhhh, I feel so lazy now. I have relatives visiting very soon from Miami! Hopefully it will be fun...I'm always nervous when I meet new people (yep, never seen them before -_-).

Okay so anyway, let's get on with it...

Yesterday Pearlie and I went to school so she can hand in her assignment and to catch some bugs on campus. WOW IT WAS SO HOT!! I'm amazed we didn't get a sunburn! Maybe because we hid in the shade from time to time XD. But anyway, we found some pretty cool stuff...namely a very fuzzy caterpillar and a freaky looking brown bug in a tree. I'm sure Pearlie will amaze you with pictures after she's done pinning and labeling her collection =).

SO. Of course, being bored and lame, we went to my house and did Here are some pictures of us doing nothing....HAHAHA

Konad nail stamps!

If you remember from a loooooong time ago ( last birthday?!), my girlfriends got the Konad french nail kit for me, and I barely used it >

Since Pearlie's nail was already stamped, I proceeded with painting her nails while watching random youtube videos with her for the rest of the day.
Look at that horribly deformed heart on the left. LOL
Hahaha the colours on her left hand are so random...

Yeah we were pretty bored. Hahaha. There WAS a purpose to it all...she was suppose to come over and analyze DIY clips and hair photos with me so we can "plan" how to cut my hair again XD! Well it's not a major cut, just the ugly part at the back because it's growing out and starting to flip outwards...and I reeeeeaaaally hate that.

After Pearlie left, I gave Konad another try, and I SUCCEEDED!
What a wonderful feeling!
Unfortunately, I failed when I tried to do it a second, third, and fourth time. I seriously need more practice before I do this on all my nails -_-". But it was fun though =).

Oh and remember that purple pizazz I had from SH that I hated sooo much? Well I kinda like it now...LOL. Thanks to Pearlie of course XD! I tried it on her finger and the streakiness wasn't so I tried it that night and discovered something amazing about works SO GOOD for gradient nails!
Ta daaaaa.
 Took me a while to do it but it was easier than I thought. I just used 3 varying shades of purple (all had a fairly shiny/glittery look to it so they can blend better) and stippled the colours on...HEY SEASON DOESN'T IT SORT OF LOOK GALAXY-LIKE? Lol XD

Well that's all I did yesterday. Tomorrow is quite a busy day, need to dye/cut a friend's hair in the morning and then get my own hair cut by Pearlie in the afternoon. Should be funnn =D. Will post pictures if I remember to take some~



ThisIsAlx said...

woohoo!! i loveee the gradient one!!! omg soo goood looks like u had it done at the salon!!! ^^ and the konad looks soo fun to play with!!! =]

San said...

Haha thanks alex! Come mess around with the konad thing with me ;)

Eileen said...

The gradient one looks awesome!

San said...

Thank you =D

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