August 18, 2011

Chubby me.

ARGH. I am such a lazy ass, I'm stuffing my face all day and not exercising >

Clearly, Pearlie and I have been neglecting this blog -_-". We didn't do much since my last post except this past Tuesday where we FINALLY met up with our girlfriends to celebrate 2 July birthdays (lol, are we late or what?!), one of which is Pearlie's. WANT TO KNOW WHAT SHE GOT? Er, she'll tell you/show you herself XD. We pretty much did nothing but play card games and take lots of group photos at my house and went out for Viet dinner. Soooo...I honestly have no pictures to show from that day except for this:

IRON MAN! So cute, right?
I have no good pictures with Pearlie, and if I post any of the crazy shots of Pearlie here I know she'll kill me XD. Maybe we'll take some good ones this Saturday when we go hang out at her house.

ALSO, I've started a library challenge!! Basically what that means is I'm going to buy one book per month of any kind that will go towards my future library =). I forced D to do the same, so we can combine our books and make my dream library later on. It just seems like a cool idea since it'll look AWESOME as home decor, but it'll also be something nice to leave for your kids (yeah, I'm thinking VERY FAR lol). Hopefully it'll look something like one of these:
This looks easiest to achieve, white shelves like that aren't hard to get for cheap. The green curtain is pretty too =)

These shelves would make it look more polished, no? But they look a bit more expensive...

I would LOVE this! Why? Because of the ladder attached!!! SO can move all around the shelves! Reminds me of the library in Beauty and the Beast where Belle visits the town library =) But that also means the library has to be HUGE to install one of these...*San works twice as hard to collect books*
I'll get to posting the books I've bought for July and August soon. Wish me luck in completing my dream library XD!


By the way, I totally forgot to take not of where I got these pictures from! I can tell you already they're not mine (lol duh), so sorry to the owners of these -_-"


Eileen said...

That Iron Man is so CUTE! Superhero things are so cool, I have a collection of Marvel Mighty Muggs (: That library thing sounds like a really cool idea! I recently cleaned out my room and organized all my books into my bookshelf, but I just have a bunch of magazines, test prep books and mandatory school reading books so it doesn't look very interesting :< Hahaha I thought of Beauty and the Beast when I saw the last pic with the latter tooo!!!!!

San said...

Omg really! The Marvel mighty muggs are sooo cute <3! Hahaha yeah my book shelf in my room is mainly textbooks right now...LOL

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