June 25, 2011

Crazy for Nail Polish!

Wow, only gone through week one of summer classes and I am pooped. It SUCKS! I have 2 night courses, and they are the FIRST I've ever taken that concentrate more on class discussion and participation. I hate that T-T. I hate presentations! My first one is next Wednesday!!! And lucky me, I was picked to go second...but NO ONE was picked to go first. Lame -_-". Anyway, I figure I might as well get all these nail polish pictures up before I get too busy. Technically I should be researching/putting together my presentation already ><. Feeling super lazy, even though I can't afford to be!

Here are the polishes I bought earlier on:

Let's talk about each one separately...

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri - Snappy Sorbet

 Okay I hate this brush. GAWD IT'S SO ANNOYING! I know me hating this brush means I'm instantly making enemies with people who love this line of polish. But I can't help it...it's just such a horrible brush lol. It's wide and flat which is suppose to cover more surface area thus allowing for fewer strokes. In theory, this is an excellent brush. But combined with the thick formula, I ended up being 10 times sloppier than with a normal brush. I don't know, I just can't get used to it. When I try to use less polish, the thickness of the formula makes it dry really fast, before I can even out the colour. I end up leaving ugly streaks and weird spots on my nails. You know, like when you drag a semi-dried paintbrush on a piece of paper? You get spots of uneven colour -_-". When I try to put more on the brush so it doesn't try so fast WHILE I'm applying the polish, the flat brush will spread the polish to the sides and I basically end up painting more of my finger rather than the nail. I end up taking forever to put this polish on because the huge mess I make on my fingers takes forever to wipe off ><
With that said, the colour is very nice. It felt a bit too bright when on my fingers, so I'd say this is more of a toes polish for me. It doesn't look like it in the pictures, but in real life it looks a bit...neon. I like that it has a thick formula and it dries fast, because who likes runny polishes that take a decade to dry?
Don't think I'm going to use it that often though. Takes toooooo long to put one coat on properly. The clean up time is too long! Probably going to save it for those 'sandal-wearing' days in the summer.

Revlon Nail Polish - Gray Suede

 Not sure what this is suppose to be...the regular/classic line? Er anyway, it's a VERY nice colour. I thought it'd be very runny but I didn't have much trouble with it. Takes a while to dry compared to the first polish, but it's alright. Basically I like it =D
I can see me using this as a regular polish. The formula and brush are fine, wouldn't take me hours to put it on properly. It's nude, you can wear it anytime XD

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear - Mint Sorbet

 My favourite colour of the bunch. I have a bias towards the SH Xtreme wear line. They ALWAYS work best on my nails. The formula is never too thick or too runny, and the brush works great for me. I never have much trouble with that line, and Mint Sorbet is no exception. I can use one coat and it comes out pretty even, despite it being a very light matte colour.
I love it. I use it as much as I can now, because I'd feel weird with it on in winter. I do have a preference to wear it on my toes though because it is also very bright on my fingers, though not that "omg my fingers are glowing" sort of feeling I get from the first polish.

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear - Blue Me Away!

Another colour I like very much. I'd say it's exactly the same as the Mint Sorbet in terms of thickness and ease of application. I have to say though, with one application it's already like the above swatch. Maybe because it's a darker shade compared to Mint Sorbet, it took even less of an effort to put it on.
Bottom line is...I love it. Lol XD.

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear - Purple Pizzazz

This was the worst purchase ever. It is definitely the worst SH Xtreme Wear polish ever made. It was SO runny and uneven, even when I tried my very hardest to put it on my pinky, it still managed to look awful. It ended up looking so runny and streaky I wanted to just run back to the store and return the damn thing. Yeesh. I didn't return it though, my brother convinced me to just keep it. Not worth going back to the store to get my $3 back lol.
If I try my very best to ignore how much it sucks, then the colour is quite pretty. It's a deep purple with lots of sparkles in it. In the pictures right above here, you can see how it looks in flash versus regular light.
I guess if I try to put it on as a sparkly topcoat on top of black or a deep purple polish, it COULD pass off as an alright polish. Haven't tried it yet though. I don't suggest buying this if you have no patience to put this on like me!

Hurray, I'm almost done! Here are the OPI polishes I got from Alx's friend:

OPI Pirates of the Caribbean - Skull and Glossbones

A very pretty greyish tone =) I love it! Of course since it's OPI, the formula is great. I apply 1-2 coats (depends how dark you want it to look) and it looks just fine. And it also lasts veeeeery long! Compared to the Revlon and SH ones above, this lasts MUCH longer with NO chipping. I've got this colour on for over a week now and it just started chipping near the bottom. And I've been doing crazy stuff like using my nail to unscrew stuff LOL.
I love this polish. Nothing too crazy about the colour so it's another nude I'd use anytime.

OPI Pirates of the Caribbean - Stranger Tides
Veeeeery pretty green! I am so loving green polishes lately, and this one is PERFECT as a casual nude too! I don't know if it's just my bottle or if it's the formula but it feels slightly runny compared to Skull and Glossbones. You'll be fine with 2-3 coats though. I know it looks very similar to the grey one but the difference is much more obvious when you look at it in a moderately lit room (unlike the lighting in which all my pictures are taken -_-!)
Pretty pretty colour. I haven't tried it out enough yet to know if I like it as much as Skull and Glossbones though. Love the murky green tone =D
There...a nice comparison between the two OPIs ;)
Oh wow, finally done! I don't think I'll be writing anything that detailed for the next month T-T. Too much work to do! But hopefully Pearlie will show you the pink OPI she got, because I LOVE that shade! It's also from the Pirates collection =). Umm, that's all for now...will do a post VERY SOON on a new statue that just arrived yesterday...



ThisIsAlx said...

i left my gray suede at Mister's house soooo sad cuz now i can play with it =[

ThisIsAlx said...

btwww add oil in ur night classes>< i know how it feels to hate a course or two cuz i hate my entire semester too!!!T_T sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. but try to stick it thru and ace it! to show whos the boss!! lol

San said...

Thank you alx!! I am trying to be optimistic about it...because it will both end by June 28 =D But in the meantime, there will be a lot of work to do in so little time >< haiii...good luck to you too!!

aww and you can play with your China Glaze colours instead haha XD

ThisIsAlx said...

lol i was actually thinking of a giveaway too but not anytime sooon because canada post is on strike and i dont no how the other places work =[.. but i was thinking doing it around 100 followers or on my 1yr anni? we'll see =P

and i still havent used the other china glazes i got from my luxe box =[ cuz its too blue and red LOL

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