June 7, 2011

Bee Bee Queue See Son...Summer Time!

Can you string all those unrelated words above together to figure out what I'm talking about? It's foodie time! Woohoo! I had BBQ after leaving AN2011 and I said I'd talk about that  last time...but there's not much to talk about since I was too busy eating rather than taking pictures of the food XD.

Basically we started out making this:

Which ended up being more meat...

We had SO MUCH JUNK...like these meat chips. WHOA it was delicious. Buy it!!!
President's Choice Barbecue Baby Back Ribs Flavour Chips!
We also had the most delish ice cream ever. I am not a huge fan of ice cream, but DAMNIT this is so freakin' good. You gotta try this if you get the chance....oh man, I want some now o.o
President's Choice Cotton Candy Ice Cream (with blue marshmallow ribbon!)
Picture from here

If you really must know, I wore this that day. Surprisingly, it was still cool enough for the heavy knitted jacket!
Wicked ass camera. Lens looks so cool too...can't believe it only costs $30 -_-"
 And here, I camwhore while my food is being grilled for me. *feeling completely shameless*
 Why the camwhore shots? To show you that I'm using something very interesting on my face of course. What's so interesting, you say? *Ahem* time to take you all back to my friend's house, where I dyed her hair...

Ta da! I was wearing this! Skin79 Sun Powder with SPF30. She gave it to me that day <3 LOVE YOUS, BEEDA!
 The powder is incredibly light, with some peachy-pinkish tone to it. It's really not for everyone o.O I tried it on and even though I'm fairly pale,  it felt like my face was  lightened too...it was strange at first lol. I think it's because I used too much. But seeing how sunny it was that day, I didn't know if I had enough on for the SPF to work ><. In the above camwhoring pictures, I wore it with BRTC Jasmine BB cream underneath. Below, I wore it with only sunscreen underneath it (yeah, because SPF30 isn't enough for a paranoid bum like me HEHEH)
Wahaha I never smile like that. Must be due to the presence of Pearlie <3 LOL
Basically, I like it as a powder. It has a really cute design and the puff is adorable, but the puff is not very convenient in putting the powder on around the eye area. I also wouldn't rely on it by itself for sun protection. How do you know you got enough powder on your face to shield you from the sun? However,  I do like that it works wonderfully in combo with a BB cream, because BB creams itself have some SPF in it (often not very high) and I feel much more at ease using two items with SPF together. If I didn't have this powder thing, my paranoia would take over and I'd actually go put a layer of SPF85 suncreen on my face before BB cream...XD. Yeah yeah, I know that anything above 30 works fine, but I just feel better knowing I have a higher one on. The sun...it scares me T-T!

Lol, it's so random stringing barbeque with SPF powder into one post. But hey...they're both related to summer~ (lame excuse, even for me T-T!)

I grabbed a couple of nail polishes and I'm still waiting for 3 new ones Alx picked up for me =D YAY I love summer-y polishes...SUMMER SHADES ARE LOVE. I was messing around with the Raynox 250 as well when I took pictures of the polishes, so I'll probably do that for the ones Alx is giving me and then post 'em all up. And for now....LOOK FORWARD TO PEARLIE'S HAUL! She showed me her stash today. That crazy girl spent a lot on face stuff, and she NEVER spends that much on anything (err, except her TVXQ stuff perhaps). It's amazing O.O!

Post it up soon, lazy girl...;)


ThisIsAlx said...

barbecue season!! s2.. last week we attempt to bbq but guess wat! we ran out of gas after half grilling some winga/mushrooms/sausage LOL soo we had to microwave it too fully cook it but it still tasted the SAME!! LOL cuz it already had the grill marks and stuff lol.. anywas that camera lens is sooo long!! and the BB powder sooo CUTE!!!!! yea spf 30 gives u 95% protection or somethign like that.. but i totally understand was u mean for being scared of not getting enough !!! i put on sunscreen on my face EVERY single day!!! even when its raining!! I just seriously need to get rid of the scars soo I cant have them exposed to ANYTING maybe i just need to hide from the sun under my blanket for a year until all my scars heals LOL

---pearlie. said...

i want bbq too T-T....LOL make me some San! :)

San said...

@alx - yeah we had to microwave our chicken too because even though it was on the grill for so long, the middle still had a bit of blood! I hate cooking big pieces of chicken -_-" But they're so yummy hahaha XD. yeah I read about how 45, 60, etc. were only a LITTLE BIT more effective than SPF 30, but I just like to have more on just in case =P I put it on everyday toooo...because I don't know if/when the rain will stop and the sun will come out LOL.

@pearlie - let's have another romantic dinner for two, we haven't done that this summer ;)

Anonymous said...

the food looks amazing!!!! i want a burger now... haha anyways great blog you have too!!! :) add oil!

San said...

@ztylistas - dudeeee come back and visit again, let's have homemade burgers! Good luck to you, loving your blog <3

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