June 30, 2011

So Long, Suckers! =)

Lol I am so mean...hahaha XD. WOOHOO my first presentation is done! So scared, since it was the first one I've done in the last 4 years...o.O! But according to my prof, I killed it =). Aside from that, I'm also super excited because....I AM GOING TO COTTAGE LAAAAAAAAAAAND!! Will explain to you at the end why this is SO super exciting and why I'm being all high about it.

FIRST, I wanted to show you a very interesting (and creative) way I discovered to pack face stuff:

This is ALL that I packed:
-Bio Oil (scars thing)
-eye cream
-acne gel thing
-acne cleanser
-deep cleansing facewash
-facial scrub
-Aloe jelly gel
-Aloe face cream
-Aloe face cream II (just a heavier 'night-ish' variation)

...YEAH RIGHT. How did all that end up looking like the above?! Well I put small amounts in the tiny jars....and in those contact lens cases! I will not take an ounce credit for this idea, I admit it was inspired through a blog that I seem to have forgotten the name of right now. It makes PERFECT sense though, I mean why lug around the whole jar/tube of product when you're really only going to use a small fraction of it on your trip? I can't argue if you're going on a super long trip, but for 3 days I think this is a very convenient way to bring everything along without breaking your back =). What's even better is that I use loooots of contact lensess and I keep getting more of those free cases, which are all piling up in my washroom. Great way to put them to use ;)

There you go, just my two cents in 'light packing' for mini trips! And another thing..I caved in and bought an epilator today ><. Hahaha...about to test it now. Kinda scared it'll hurt really bad...lol.

OKAY! Let's finish off with answering the riddle as to why I'm so giddy about the trip...BECAUSE PEARLIE IS COMING!! WOOHOO!!!!! So excited. Oh my gawwd. Okay we'll tell you about it when we come back ;)



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