June 4, 2011

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow - Prettia Sweet Pink and hair update.

Doesn't my title just make you cringe? Lol XD. Anyway, I have so many pictures to throw onto the blog, yet they are scattered with 1-2 pictures of food, hair, nail stuff, face, etc. It would kind of suck to have a separate post for each, since they'd be super short and boring. So I'm *trying* to combine them somehow -_-". As I mentioned before, I dyed my friend's hair with Prettia Sweet Pink, and I realize I haven't said a word about my own hair since I used Prettia Ash & had Pearlie cut it for me, so I'll be giving a small update on my current hair as well.

On to Prettia Sweet Pink first.
Notice how the pink bottle cap/pump looks different? I guess it's their way of saving plastic?! Lol
And how the colour "should" turn out...(never trust these)

 Here's how her hair was before. She had dark brown hair down to her chest and it was very VERY thin.

Roots to tips comparison. Lol, shaky hand -_-"
 These really have nothing to do with anything but I was just amazed at how cool the foam was changing colour and all that...heheh.
Peachy colour when I first put it on her..
 ...and crazy pink when we came to wash it off! So cool XD
Her hair was very thin, but I still wanted to use the whole bottle on her since it's so hard to dye her hair. Ended up removing some foam so I could properly "massage" the dye into her hair without it dropping all over the floor...hehe
 FINALLY the dye comes out. She kept moving around and smearing foam all over her room, lol! So here are the results under her 'oddly dim' room light.
Indoor light no flash
Roots to tips comparison. Same lighting as above.
With flash.
 As you can see, it doesn't really look pink at all. In fact when she just came out of the shower it looked brown! And in the roots/tips picture, her tips look nearly black. You can imagine how disappointed we were -_-" BUT after she dried her hair and put in the after-dye conditioning stuff, we stepped outside to take a better look:
Much needed boost of colour for her.
Under a semi-shady tree.
Roots to tips comparison. Woohoo, the tips are dyed a nicely pinkish-red too =)
I must say this is one of the more successful dye jobs I've done (how sad that it's not on me HAHAHA). I give Prettia Sweet Pink 9/10, one mark deducted because it's still a foam and it still had a slightly visible transition of colours (tips are still a bit darker) rather than an evenly distributed colour from roots to tip. Course, in 1-2 weeks of washing her hair, it'll even out. My final FINAL verdict is that my friend should get a new lightbulb because hers sucks LOL....

Okay so let's move on to my own hair shall we?
I dyed my hair again with Prettia Natural Ash after I started seeing some black regrowth. My cousin was right, it really did lighten it after I dyed it again (I was worried my L'Oreal deepest indigo dye would still be too overpowering). Now it's pretty much brown brown broooown.

First time with Natural Ash (indoor, but under sunlit area):

 Second round with Natural Ash, outside direct sunlight:

Clearly, the deep brown lightened up and the light brown of my bangs is even lighter. Both sets of pictures are taken after at least 1.5 weeks of the actual day I dyed it, so the transition has evened out a lot. Also, both are under super bright sunlight (my final set of pictures will show how the second dye job looks indoors). I really do love this colour now...I think I'll buy some more of this one =). I also want to try Platinum Beige, it seems quite similar to this (also an ashy brown?).

ALSOOOO, I said waaay up there^ that I also cut hair hair again! Yes it's true. No, Pearlie did not do a bad job and screw up my hair XD. In fact, she did great! The only thing is it's getting reaaally hot here and I have no layers in my hair. No layers + super thick hair = sweaty head. Plus, Pearlie refused to cut my bangs no matter how much I begged her lol. So I figure I might as well get it thinned out for the grossly heated season.

Here's what it looked liked before to remind you again:

And now, it's much less puffy?

She thinned out my bangs a little bit so I can grow it out. Also, I also asked her to cut an asymmetrical style so it's shorter on the other side that you can't see hahaha =P I'm sure it'll be more clear in future pictures...I think looks really cool ^^;
I was going to go into detail about other stuff from the day I dyed my friend's hair, but let's leave that for another day...it already took over an hour to put this post together x_x! As a bit of a teaser, let's just say I'm wearing a powder SPF in the last two pictures above XD.

See you soon~


Anonymous said...

The new hair looks lovely! Just had about 4 inches cut off mine and if anything it is refreshing :)

Anonymous said...

prettia yay! i just used it recently and wondered why my hair was uneven from roots to tips! now i know it should even out in 1-2 weeks :D

ThisIsAlx said...

i loveeee ur new hair!! kinda reminds me of charmaine sheh's short hair!!s2 =]

link here: (http://www.google.ca/imgres?imgurl=http://www.spcnet.tv/news/wp-content/plugins/wp-o-matic/cache/88447_1741476272-moses-chan-rumoured-to-be-in-love-with-charmaine-sheh.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.spcnet.tv/news/2010/02/page/8/&usg=__WCmpfE71fBio0X0A44-pTrzQVYY=&h=334&w=400&sz=14&hl=en&start=15&sig2=5_2SNb3wzo7XFaLylacTow&zoom=1&tbnid=OjO9ybpn73zT4M:&tbnh=104&tbnw=124&ei=COzrTZWeD8PZ0QGW4MiuAQ&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dcharmaine%2Bsheh%2Bshort%2Bhair%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26biw%3D1280%26bih%3D608%26tbm%3Disch&um=1&itbs=1&biw=1280&bih=608)

San said...

@kklectric - YES! For some reason it feels sooo good when I cut a lot of hair....feels so light =D

@Hannah - omg I see you bought Platinum Beige...I'm soo loving prettia <3

@Alx - LOL!! I was surprised when I clicked the link...it looks exactly like hers! It's so convenient now, I was my hair and it air dries in less than an hour XD

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