June 2, 2011

Handbags, Shoulder Bags, Cross-body Bags...I love Bags!

From this title it should seem like I'm about to show you my own collection of bags or something but I actually don't have an amazing pile of bags to show, so instead of that I've found a bunch of outfit photos with really pretty bags that I would loveeeee to own HAHA. xD

The Cambridge Satchel Bag in neon green!!! (Click here for the source)

A vintage brown messenger bag..its soo pretty! (Click here for the source)
(Click here for the source)
(Click here for the source)
Hmm..classy outfit and bag! :D (Click here for the source)
I LOVE the bags from Balenciaga but they are so soo sooo expensive ><" (Click here for the source)
(Click here for the source)
Her outfit and bag matches so nicely xD (Click here for the source)
I think my favourite kind of bag at the moment is pretty obvious from the above pictures (hint: refer to pictures 1,2,3,4,7 & 8). So, which of these bags/style of bag do you like or which one(s) do you own already? :)



ThisIsAlx said...

I love bag #3,5,6,7!!!!!..im sure you girls would have already known which one i would pick, no? =P

btw girlss!! congrats!!! I've given you a blog award ;)..Hope you guys like it hehe


Pearlie said...

alx...I saw your post about the blogger award, its very interesting! :)..and thank you for giving it to us and hopefully we'll get to it asap LOL ;D

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