June 12, 2011

Snap of the Day #21

Our blog is looking so dead lately *AHEM...nudges Pearlie* but I have nothing to talk about...aside from having watched Thor. We watched it in the morning, a month and a bit after its release...and it was WONDERFUL. There were only 6 people (including me and D) in the theatre! No loud mouthed dumbasses, no feet kicking my chair, no late people obstructing my view, no whispering. LOVELY!! That's how I expect to watch a movie. =D

Anyway, hopefully Pearlie is still alive and will reappear sometime soon...and hopefully I shall see Alx soon and get my OPIs~! Meanwhile, I'll post my pregnant lady dress (no I am NOT, lol duh) from hair dye day at my friend's house. I'm surprised but looking at these pictures now, it doesn't look so pregnant-like. Odd.

Pregnant-looking dress//jacket with lots of holes//cloth bag that weighs a ton//Roxy sandals that cost $5 (Because I was such an awesome employee. WAHAHA...just kidding, I really wasn't.)

Okay that's all. Let's hope the upcoming week will be more interesting ^^



---pearlie. said...

LOL pregnant lady dress..what a funny description...so when will i see you wear it? hehehe :)

and yessss..i shall finish my blog post sooon..if i can :P..cuz im going crazy over emailing my prof ><"

Alx said...

lol jacket with lots of holes that's soo cute!!! s2 I can give u the opi on friday =] cuz im getting it tomorrow but i end work at 9 soo that'll be too late... are u free friday? fb me =]

Alx said...

oooooo oooooo ohhhh btw thank you pearlll forrrr following me on my blog ^^ s2 hehe..my blog have been pretty dead tooo way too busy with life lol

San said...

@pearlie - wahaha you'll see it when I have nothing left to wear or when I feel like wearing it again >=D

@Alx - YAY I think Friday is fine...better yet, I will TEXT YOU! Lol XD. And I follow your blog tooooo =(

ThisIsAlx said...

yesyes i know dee, u were the first one ever!!!i still rmb s2 thx u too hehe...

---pearlie. said...

haha..yes San followed very early on...I thought I followed too but I realized I haven't actually pressed on the GFC follow button until recently..such a fail ><"

Jessica-Marie said...

Lovely dress:) Where'd you purchase it from?

Follow/comment on my blog &
I'll return the favor :)


San said...

@Jessica-Marie - Thanks!! I got it from H&M on sale 2 summers ago...never got around to wearing it until now haha =P

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