May 31, 2011

Anime North 2011 - Saturday (during event)

GODDAMNIT. I am starting to hate blogger so badly now. I sat down and organized all my photos yesterday to blog about the event, but blogger fails on me! Couldn't upload a single picture! Eff you blogger -_-". Anyway, this is part one, as I decided to separate the actual event photos from the messing around/non-AN2011 related photos.

Was only there for a couple hours...I was pretty bored lol. It was nice seeing so many lovely cosplays, also kinda freaky too seeing the weirder ones (yeaaah, let's not go there lol). I didn't take too many pictures which is unfortunate...Saturday is just too crowded to take good pictures of people -_-"

First, pictures from my camera:
First off, a picture of the place I spent the majority of my time sleeping/sitting in. LOL! With no pass and no cosplay, that is how I kill time at AN. Yep

And now, some'll notice I take pictures of cosplays I don't have a clue about, but are very nicely executed =)

Looks so gooooooood. I love it!
Aww, she was cute so I decided to take a picture =D
I really liked this one! My attention tends to go to cosplays that have a traditional flare to it. They still look so goddess-like even though I caught one of them with her eyes closed (while I would look like a dork -_-")

I took this for the pretty Kirin armour on the left (Monster Hunter) even though I had my eye out for another girl who was doing the same cosplay but with a sword instead of a bow =/ They still look super badass nonetheless! XD
I nearly chased this guy across the street for a picture for Travis lol XD. But the more I look at it, the more I love the cosplay...he did an AMAZING job. Great detail...loving the texture of that jacket! And omg the weapons...<3
 And these were my favourite costumes by Sachie and Ringo of MOETRONcos. What can I say? I love black leather on girls. Chains? Oh yeah. Huge ass weapons with skulls and such? Yes please. XD (Part of the picture was messed up with "intruding persons" so I had to crop these -_-")

And finally some familiar faces (to me anyway)
Why hello there, pretty boy. Prettiest Sasuke ever, no?

Shinken Red (my friend Travis)! For those who don't know, he's the red "samurai" power ranger (aka the current japanese power ranger show). Give him a round of applause everyone, he spent a lot to make it perfect and he wore it ALL weekend lol. LOOK FOR HIM AT FANEXPO WITH A SWORD!! WOOOO!
And here are the adventures of Shinken Red...
With one of his favourite characters on the far left, and two characters dressed in black whom I'd love to steal jackets from >XD
Wahaha, this is so cute
And here he is with another one of his favourites on the far right XD HEHEH...oh, Shinken Red...XD
And now I shall post some really nice pictures that other people took because I left after only 3 hours (2.5 of which was spent standing around or sleeping/sitting lol):
Another MOETRONcos member. Wanted to see her costume so badly, I loved the design of this character the most! The simplicity of the costume is so great against the scythe and those wicked horns. I LOVE IT. Unfortunately, this cosplayer was selling art at a booth which I have no pass to access (yes, I follow her twitter that's why I know. STALKER MUCH?!) But that aside, she's an amazing artist and cosplayer. Pic taken from
Last MOETRONcos member here on the right. Now THAT'S the Kirin armour I wanted to see! With...THE THUNDER SWORD!!! It is super huge with amazing detail. Costume-wise, I'd say her and the other girl are on par, but it's hard to tell only from pictures. But, she still wins because of the sword XD And yes I read her blog too, ok? Sheesh stop pointing out that I stalk people -_-" Pic taken from
I want to see these three dudes purely for LOLing purposes. That has got to be the most CREATIVE thing I have ever seen...guy versions of badass leather-wearing female characters. It's cool in a gay way. Gay in a cool way. My reaction is perfectly captured by the cosplayer Sachie on the far left, LMAO. Yeah you get the point XD...YOU GUYS GOT GUTS! Especially the dude in the middle with his low cut shirt and choker...*shudders*. And I recognize the far right dude as Xanxus (of KHR) from AN2009..wahaha. Kudos to you all. Pic posted by Jennifer Hammond on facebook AN group
This is so cute XD. The one on the far right could've put a bit more effort into it though hahaha XD. Pic posted by Terri Boake in facebook AN group. just pretty. I don't know why, because I actually don't like the character on the right and didn't even know what the other one was until yesterday lol. Maybe because I like the tights + boots + bodysuit thing going on? Either way, it's a job well done! Pic posted by Terri Boake on facebook AN group
Whoa finally it's over. MAN what a long post -_-"! I am SWEATING like mad right now, so tempted to shower AGAIN. Efff I hate the heat T-T! Anyhoo, look forward to another Prettia review soon (gonna dye my friend's hair sweet pink!) and part two of this long day, where I show some yumz bbq pictures and some camwhoring. LOL...finally, another semi-food post by San. Whew.

By the way, if you see you up there (which is gonna be super rare because I took very few pictures LOL) and you want a copy of the picture, leave a message in our chatbox saying "emailed you!" or something so I know to check our red bow gmail...and thus send you a reply with your picture. Otherwise, that email isn't checked regularly ><. You're better off doing that than right clicking and saving the pic because we disable the links and what not. Plus all my original pics are much bigger XD lol I know we're such a pain...sorrieeees ^^

Until next time =)


Ringo said...


^____^ I appreciate you taking our picture! It's Ringo from MOETRONcos!

The pictures look really nice! Wowow! :D

San said...

Thank you for visiting!! You guys did an amazing job, love your cosplays <3

sαchie said...

HEYYY it's Sami and Sachie here!
Thanks so much for taking our photos! <3

Also, hahah I love my (Sachie)'s expression to the manly BRS group... I make cool facial expressions HAHAH

San said...

@sachie - OMG thanks for stopping by, seriously @.@ love you both...and thanks for being awesome cosplayers =)

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