May 23, 2011

New Red Bow~!

Hurray, our new layout and banner is all done =D. Well, we didn't have to do much...Pearlie tested out and tweaked the layout we picked out, we finalized the colours and font for the banner, I drew the bow and we just put it all together. Took like...half a day LOL. Easier than expected -_-" but we DID plan for it to look a bit more complex, it just didn't work out XD. ANYWAY we messed around while making the final touches to the updates so here are more random shots of how we spent our Victoria Day =)!

I don't know why I always take a picture of our bags when we hang out XD
Pearlie's purse and my new camera bag from Ebay!

And next, we messed around trying on my Jeffrey Campbell Litas in Taupe Suede. For those who don't know shoes, these are 5 inch monsters that feel OH SO GOOD on your feet. Took forever to get my hands on them! If you're searching for a pair, try or =)

Looks pretty hot on Pearlie doesn't it?
SHE'S A GIANT! I have better shots but I think Pearlie rather I put one where her face is blurred LOL
And this is how it looks when I wear them...HAHAHAHA. We're actually standing straight in both shots. Pretty crazy, isn't it?! Pearlie says she'll never go out with me if I wear those shoes...LOL.

Okay here we finally look like we're working...while enjoying some cake of course ;)
Pearlie fixing the layout~
Annoying Pearlie while she tries to work. But honestly, I DID MORE WORK!
She was doodling while I drew the bows XD
This should've been a joint post but it's just too much work to colour code it so I wrote it all in my own words lol. But I'm sure I said everything Pearlie wanted to say too XD.

Final thought....we'd like to thank those of you who read this blog for reading it. We're not a fashion blog or a make up/beauty blog, so you really don't get anything out of reading about our random rants. I know life blogs aren't usually very popular, so it's really nice to know some people out there actually find our boring lives interesting!

Here's to another year of fun for these 2 red bows~
---San & Pearlie


ThisIsAlx said...

I find it interesting!!!!! I read all the posts u both make!! s2.. at least u guys are a "life blogs"..mine is all over the place i want it to be a life blog but then i don't want to because i want my privacy.. but then im not a fashion/makeup centered blog either>< im just a big mess, no? lol anywayss i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the new banner and the new layout!! super cute!!! and love how the title looks =]

wowowowoowwww and those shoes!! omggggggggg im not going out wiht you in those EITHERR >< u wont even see where i am!!! T_T

ThisIsAlx said...

sryyyy!!! but i think u will definitely like Luxe box!! =] did u get the yearly of monthly sub? they increased their price by $2 =[ and im sryyy i didnt know my msging box wasn't the pop-up one i think right after i changed it blogger shut down remember? soo it undo-ed everythign for me >< but u can comment now =] yay!!

and i have to buy these skin care stuff sooo i dont ever have to put of foudnation!! hopefully by my 23rd bday lol i hope it doesnt take THAT long but i'll just give it that much time to heal =] said...

Haha I'm just teasing you!!! I think I'll like it too XD especially since I'm SO lazy when it comes to skin stuff...having it delivered to my door is so awesome =). Ahh stupid blogger causing problems again T-T??? Haha I'm sure you will reach your goal by 23, I can see you making a lot of progress already ^^

ThisIsAlx said...

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy really??? Thank youuuuuu!! ^^.... lunch sooooooonnn??

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