May 5, 2011

Just can't get enough - Hair dyes galore.

I am aching x_x! Took a seriously long power walk with a friend yesterday. While taking a break in Pacific Mall, we grabbed her a Prettia Sweet Pink dye (new hair colour for her grad), and some delicious fruit drinks. I chose a weird yet yummy and advocado. It looks thick and green but tastes mainly of mango XD. Not bad, I think I'd definitely want one of these over bubble tea any day.

Took a few quick phone cam snaps while waiting for our drinks.

I'm so in love with this colour, but I think I prefer brown hair on tired of red after all these years XD
I have her permission to "document" the dying process so I can post it here...yay for more Prettia reviews XD. We'll most likely be dying her hair either the last week of May or beginning of June. Need to give the dye a few weeks to even out, but not too early or her roots will show in her grad pictures XD

Speaking of dyes, I picked up another L'Oreal one for myself. Yes I knoooooow, why L'Oreal?! Didn't I just use Prettia Natural Ash?! I said, I'm looking to lighten my hair for the summer, and I read that L'Oreal Superior Preference True Brunettes is AMAZING for lightening super dark hair without bleaching. I saw reviews on eki's blog, and WOWWWW, I fell in love with TB61 (or UL61) which is Ultra Light Ash brown. It doesn't give enough of an ash tone for my taste, that's why I'm planning on using the other box of Natural Ash on top of it. I know all this dying sounds awful but it will happen within a span of the entire summer...I'm not dying it all now XD. I want to continue washing the crap out of the colour I have on now and watch it lighten up first before attempting anymore dye jobs...will explain why after some more phone cam pictures =D

Review swatches I've seen online look NOTHING like this picture -_-" in fact it looks way better than this HAHAHA
So I was curious and researched a little bit on dying hair that was dyed black or dark brown, etc. I found some very troubling info -_-". Black dye is the hardest to "dye over" and if you want to lighten your hair after dying it black/deep brown, you have one of three choices: 1) wash your hair like crazy with deep clean shampoo and let the dyed hair grow out so you can cut it off 2) bleach your hair 3) strip the dye from your hair

This FREAKED me out, because I dyed my hair blue black and um, it really doesn't get much darker than that. Even though the black seems to have washed out a lot since December/January, I can't help but feel that it still affected the outcome of Natural Ash on my hair. I mean, it looks fine now, like today when I took some pictures to examine the colour in sunlight...but I don't think I'll be able to successfully bring my hair to a lighter brown in time for summer -_-". I don't know how long it'll take if I'm to use method #1 and since there is noooooo way I'm going to bleach my hair (can it get any more damaged?!), I looked into option #3. I found an interesting product called One n' Only Colorfix, which claims to remove any dye on your hair however old it is, without damaging your hair. This sounds quite promising, but the one store that I found that carries it is Sally's Beauty Store which is not a very "bus-friendly" place for me. And it's not near any mall so I can't really go all the way there by car just to get that (IF it's even in stock at that store @.@) so ARRRGH. Sheesh...all I know is that I'm never dying my hair black again...maybe just choco brown for winter lol.

Anyway, if anyone knows where to get the Colorfix (without paying like $10 shipping -_-"), or something similar to it (doesn't damage hair) around here let me know please T-T

Still need to gather everything to make the bob haircut post ><...


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