May 1, 2011

Prettia revisted...Natural Ash!

Wow, I am exhausted. It's been a long two days x_x. WHEW. Anyway, let's get right down to business...I have for you another review for Prettia hair dye by Kao.

Before that, let's review the history of my hair first. If you recall, I've used Chiffon Beige and Hi-Bleach, and for my last dye job, I dyed my hair L'Oreal blue-black (see "hair dye" label for corresponding posts). While reading my review, keep in mind that I am dying this new colour on top of my L'Oreal dyed hair. Though it has faded to a very natural looking black, it is still there. So my results will DEFINITELY show up differently from yours if you are dying it on natural black hair.

Moving right along, today's dye is...Natural Ash!

I remember mentioning I wanted to have Oerba Yun Fang's hair from FFXIII. I loved the ashy tone in it! Since it's nearly summer again, I decided to ease away from black but not jumping right into a light colour, thus settling with Natural Ash. From the pictures, it appears to give off a GORGEOUS deep ash brown tone with a hint of olive.

Beautiful colour!!

Here is a before shot, remnants of my L'Oreal blue-black dye being barely visible. In fact, after so many washes, the Prettia Hi-bleach is starting to show underneath!

Now, here is where the L'Oreal thing comes back and bites me in the ass. After washing the Natural Ash dye out, I see that the top came out REALLY light, which shocked me because my roots were very black...I expected the top to be the darkest -_-! And then I thought back to something I read on the Liese box from the time I dyed someone else's hair: "Not for white/grey hair or hair dyed black."
Indoor light, no flash. On virgin black hair, this is likely your result.
Now, as for the hair that had remnants of L'Oreal black dye...surprisingly, it came out more to my liking. It had that ashy tone to it that I wanted, but it was much darker. In outdoor light, you see a bit of the olive tone too.
No flash, indoor light.
Indoor, flash.
The funny gradient created thanks to L'Oreal, lol.
While talking to my cousins today (who are both frequent Prettia dye users), they both have tried Natural Ash and assured me that the darker tips will definitely lighten up after a few washes. This seems to be quite true as I remember seeing their hair matched the second if not the third photo in the picture on the Prettia box above. However, they dyed it over other Prettia dyes, while I dyed it over L'Oreal, so we'll have to see just how much it will lighten up.

Overall, it really is a beautiful colour. I am definitely using it again, and I think I will keep it as a regular dye to keep coming back to. It just really gives off a very subtle finish, whether it is on dark hair or light hair. I understand why some people on forums say they stock up on Natural Ash, it really is my favourite one so far from Prettia! I would love to try it again on lightened hair though, I'm curious to see how that would turn out.
Guess it turned out to be a stylish gradient hahaha.
Anyway, I will wash the crap out of my hair and see how light it turns out. Will keep you posted =).

I shall make a detailed post on my DIY bob haircut by Pearlie soon~ All I can say is, thank you Youtube!


telescope eyes said...

Hm, I've been looking for as many reviews as I can on Prettia's Natural Ash. If it lightened that much on your black hair, it should do wonders to mine. Mine's currently a soft deep brown after tediously getting the auburn color out of my hair. Thanks for the post!


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