May 10, 2011

Kiddy make up!

The other day, I was cleaning out my bathroom closet to make more space for my make up stuff. I don't know why but I love to lay every product out flat so I can SEE what/where each item is, rather than throw them all in a train case/make up case. It's just so convenient to locate and pick up what you need to use, and I never travel with anything more than a little pouch worth of make up.

Sooo, while cleaning up to make space, I found a bag of SUPER OLD MAKE UP STUFF. And I'm talking seriously old stuff...stuff I used in gr.7-9. I don't know why I still had must've been stashed away back then as "stuff I don't use but feel too guilty to throw out because they are nearly brand new" or something. But anyway, it really is quite funny to look back at stuff I used to use =) It's almost the equivalent to laughing at your ugly old clothes...

 Look at that! All the glitter shadows, sparkly pinks and purples, and NYC lipglosses that taste disgusting. And of course my weird obsession with glitter sticks...all of which I never used XD. I used it once for...a school dance? And most of the glitter stuff is from my friends for my gr.9 birthday haha ;D. Oh, the shadows that I used to think were silky smooth are like sandpaper now compared to shadows used today...I think the only stuff I would buy again from this stash is the Maybelline lash blast and CoverGirl plum pencil liner.

Threw out mos of the stuff...mainly because I just don't want to keep them anymore even for old memories' sake XD. Here is the stuff I ended up keeping though:
-dried up blue liquid liner
-chestnut hair brush
-3 super old make up brushes + retractable brush
-a long skinny plastic resealable bag (it's folded in half in the picture)

Of course, there are very good reasons to keep the above, and I advise all of you out there to keep this in mind before throwing out any of your old make up stuff.

1) Dried up blue liquid liner --- If you wash out the old goop of liner you have left over on your liner brush, you can turn this into a great brush for drawing nail designs =D! The pointed brush is great for dotting, lines, and drawing various designs ;).

2) Old brushes --- You can use this for SEVERAL things, but mainly I saved these for D to dust off our statues! The little nooks and corners are way too small for a cleaning cloth, and since they're statues, the make up brush is small enough for those hard-to-reach spots without scratching it. For those who aren't statue collectors, I'm sure you have various decors (intricately detailed picture frames?) that require something small and delicate to clean it =). Save yourself some money and put those old brushes to good use. Guys, ask your female friends for some XD.

3) Old (but clean) resealable bag --- This doesn't really need much of an explanation really. Storage for jewelry, transporting toothbrush, etc. But for me, I'll be using it to put Q-tips to bring in my bag...I don't tear up as easily as Pearlie but it's still nice to have those in case. Easy clean up without messing up the remainder of make up.

4) The hair brush --- It's not the ones that traps tangly hair so it's still good =). But for me I'll be needing this for my wigs XD.

How the liquid liner brush looks after washing it.
Yeah I washed the bottle too haha.
My horrible attempt to draw coral lines 5 minutes -_-"
Until next time.


ThisIsAlx said...

not horrible at all i like the little design!! nice and simple!!!! =] and I loveeeeeee ur idea of reusing the eyeliner brush for nail designs!! maybe u can even skip washing out the liner cuz i think it would need a lottttttt of water just to rinse out all the ink, no?(sry it's my habit to reduce our ecological footprint cuz of my degree in uni lol) instead u can just wash the brush then use to paint ur nails ...then wash it right after each use with nail polish remover soo that the nail polish wont dry up hard(hard to clean) before your next use...and u can recycle the tiny bottle AND it can help you save up some space in ur makeup bag/drawer =] (sry i'm such a nerd in terms of environmental stuff.. i cant help it!! >.<)but i reallly love ur idea since those nail design things are soo expensiveeee!!! ='[ said...

LOL alx you're too funny...don't worry, I will use the bottle too hahah XD I was thinking of trying to mix some colours in there ;)

ThisIsAlx said...

I can't really help ittt!! I'm taking this GARBAGE course that talks about...........garbage LOL....... And the prof makes us think about all the junk we create from packaging and wasted food so I automatically think of better ways to reduce our waste... But I'm not doing that we'll with all the online shopping lol from far away places and cuz of All those boxes, bubble wraps etc ><

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