May 16, 2011

red bow + red bow = ?

Pearlie and San here, presenting a day of hanging out together...documented! =D Hopefully the different coloured text will help decrease confusion as to who wrote what ^^. 

This should have been up last week, my fault because I failed to upload the pictures *lazy*. Basically we spend the day at Pearlie's house, planning for some changes to be made to the blog. Also, we watched some random movie and stuff online, I don't really know what we watched...-__-", but it was good XD. (Just to clarify, the movie we watched was a pretty recent Chinese film called 單身男女 or Don't Go Breaking My Heart with Daniel Wu, Louis Koo and YuanYuan Gao as the main leads)...we both prefer Daniel's character btw...cause who wouldn't choose the more loyal one???

Pearlie's pretty shirt!! From what store, I do not remember...(yes yes, I know you told me already but I forgot -_-)
My RED box from Umbra for organizing the junk on my table...haha but I haven't put anything inside yet ><"
And to display my new sunglasses that I got on sale xD, San put it like this on top of the Umbra box LOL
You should all feel very happy to see Pearlie's face for once...she wanted me to not post the above pic of her lol. *Sigh* everyone please reassure her that she looks FINE...XD

Colourful frappuccinos! :) (From left to right they are: chai frap, strawberry and soy frap, and green tea frap)
Pic of our drinks again, taken by me...=D. I actually liked Pearlie's chai frap...very yummy!
Pretty flowers for Pearlie's mom...from Pearlie and her sister, I'm assuming =D. The label says "Dearest mommy" how cute!
Here we are experimenting for pictures to use for the banner...not giving anymore details yet ;)

And there you have it. Look forward to more of our random 'hanging out' posts XD. I'll let Pearlie conclude this post for us...Ahaha I don't know how to conclude this other than "byeeeee" :)

---San & Pearlie.


ThisIsAlx said...

love the red box!!.. adn the sunglasses mine looks like that after I transformed my glasses to sunglasses.. but now I think mine is too dark do you girls think I should change it to a purple lenses or brown lenses.. should I get it in solids or gradient??

San said...

I think purple would look nice! Gradient would make it look more interesting =)

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