May 7, 2011

Our take on DIY bob haircut.

Finally I found most of the videos we used for references on haircut day -_-"!! Well, the truth is, I was too lazy to search for them until today XD. I titled this "our take" on it, because there really isn't much to show you besides the videos LOL. But anyway, here's everything we used to cut my hair:

-regular haircutting scissors
-haircutting comb
-Pearlie (lol)

And here are the videos!
How to section hair for A-line bob cut
How to cut left side of hair for A-line haircut (this only applies if you're cutting the A-line which we didn't)
How to make sure cut is even
How to trim hair for bob cut

Okay that's all. LOL XD...what a pointless post this is...without PICTURES!!

We tied my hair at half the length it used to be and snipped it off first...makes cutting the rest easier =)
Took Pearlie 5 minutes just to cut this off! Looks like a huge make up brush, no?

Look at that dirty mirror =P Anyway, this is the funny look you get once you bluntly chop your hair off.
And here is the end result! Not bad for Pearlie's first time =D We literally followed everything in the above videos (minus slant of the A-line cut, we made it a straight line instead)
Flattened out after sleeping on it XD
Fluffed up after washing it again! Much easier to style now =D
That's all~
On a side note, my hair has lightened up significantly compared to this last picture (under natural window light), as predicted by my cousins. Will post an update on that sometime.



kellie said...

wow. That looks awesome for a FIRST TIME DIY cut! I wish my hair was the same texture as yours .. I love this look. My hair is baby fine and curly and I have ALOT of it. I can get away with it either below the shoulders or a short pixie cut. :(

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