May 22, 2011

It's almost like High Park.

Been quite busy since Thursday, I'm dead tired now x_x (but that's a good thing, busy = keep your mind from wandering). Here's a little something from yesterday's little trip to downtown with some girlfriends =)

Delicious cupcake! Strawberry flavour I believe.
Equally delicious pasta and sandwich.

Since I didn't buy anything while shopping, I'd say the highlight of the day was when we stumbled upon Osgoode Hall. It's no High Park, but the flowers were still a beautiful sight.


Pearlie having lots of fun...hahaha. I took way too many pictures of her that day!

Me and...WHO'S THAT? Why it's Alx of course. =D We all dressed for comfort because we walked for HOURS. And it was so hot and sunny...gross x_x! Luckily I didn't really sweat much.

And of course we finish it all off with a happy picture of us. You can see my awkward arm through Pearlie's shades!
That's all =)! Have a great weekend everyone~


ThisIsAlx said...

weeeeeee i see me ^^..... gotta hang out moreee reallll soon =] said...

Wha...I thought I commented after you already O.O I must be going crazy with our FB comments and blogger comments...confusing me LOL. Yes yes we must go to Oli's house soon ^^

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