May 27, 2011

Aoi! Aoi! Aoi!

Whoaaa, the GazettE's VORTEX pv is soooo cool. Especially Aoi...PINK HAIR!! I like it. A LOT. He looks good with it. I know, this is probably not very "new" news, but it is to
Took this from here
And this one from heeeere
OKAY enough random crap from me. GOING TO AN2011 TOMORROW, WOOO! Say hi if you see me. =D



Jessy said...

i swear to god alot of asian boys are prettier than girls, which makes me very bitter~~~but he does look nice wit the hot pink hair~~~

BTW its great to a fellow canadian blogger~~~


San said...

Haha so true! What bugs me the most is guys = pretty is good, yet girls = manly is bad...-_-" yeesh

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