May 14, 2011

Show me some pores!

Ok first of all....what the eff, blogger? I swear there were newer comments on the last few posts that Alx, Pearlie and myself wrote and after yesterday's "maintenance" they disappeared. Geez...-_-" I don't even know what we said! Ugh. LAME. Anyway, sorry Al! o.O

Okay on to today. I received my new equipment and I started messing around with them today...LOVING IT! Super fun to use =D

This is the Raynox 250 and it is GENIUS. I wanted something that was for macro and of course having one of the M 4/3 cams I'm pretty limited in terms of lenses...and the one I settled on was just WAY expensive. Eff, it was a beauty though @_@. But anyhow, luckily I came across a forum where some guys suggested this little piece of equipment which pretty much snaps onto an existing lens. They suggested it be paired with a much more affordable lens for my cam and since the Raynox 250 is a pretty good price itself I went with the combo they suggested.

I was shocked it was made in Japan XD.
Nice and tiny, it fits nicely in my new camera bag =)
I'm pretty inexperienced with this stuff so when I first snapped it on the lens I freaked out because everything was bluuuuurry! I couldn't get it to focus on anything! And then I realized the problem...I was aiming TOO FAR at the subject....holy crap when it said macro it's like SUPER DUPER macro. Take a look:
An eyeball...does the green contact lens look familiar XD?
So this is where the eyeball came from:
Free pamphlet on new Dolly Wink make up...all the Bambi lenses make an appearance too of course =)
Yes that's right, it is the girl's eyeball in the top picture. CRAZY, RIGHT?! I mean, the booklet is smaller than my hand! I know I know, the eyeball shot isn't 100% in focus because I refuse to pull out the tripod at 1am...too lazy -_-" I think with proper technique (let's say, NOT putting your camera on the table and forcibly holding it still lol) it will look amaaaaazing. I've seen people take bug photos with the Raynox 250!!

Anyhoo, that's all for now. I need to get ready for bed =D


ThisIsAlx said...

wooooow that's crazyyy!! i need a new camera!!! =S mine is breaking on me.. when i turn it onnn it takes a few second sighh.. i dont have a budget for a new camera!! but i think its time to look for one before it completely destroys on me....and yeaaa watda heck blogger!!! my newer messages are gone too and all the ones i left on people's blog did tooo -_- grrrrrrr.. such a waste of time!!!!

San said...

Haha you should keep an eye on sales at best buy/futureshop...they have good deals on cameras sometimes =D

ThisIsAlx said...

i also want a new fone!! im getting peer pressured to get a new fone.. -_- soo lame.. and i want a new laptop.. grrr everything is breaking on me =[

Pearlie said...

whaaa...peer pressured to get a new phone?? what phone are your peers suggesting? LOL...btw I'm trying hard to save up for a new camera too hehehe :)

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