May 10, 2011

Les Yeux.

Gathered some pictures today and found that my recent mail purchases all have to do with my eyes =P. Here's what I got:

I'm sure you've already seen these crazy things making several appearances in past posts.
The Cobra Shop's Almost Famous Sunglasses
 When I first saw those here I thought-
"hmm, pretty cool."
"...but, she's wearing it, so it must cost an arm and a leg."
*clicks link to the store*
...and so, I bought it XD. I've always been a fan of quirky shades, so this was nice to add to my collection. The Cobra Shop is a pretty cool online thrift store, so you should check it out if you're into the whole thrift shopping thing. They sure love to give out funky stickers =)

Moving on...
Armani in Cherry from
This was FREE! They were doing another one of their giveaways and I scored thisssss...I don't know how, because this pair was on the list of exclusions so technically the promo code shouldn't have worked, but it did!!! XD
They must've run out of normal cases because this was gigantic (could fit 2 pairs of my glasses in here hahaha). That's fine by me, because I now have a case for my bigger sunglasses, lol.
All the stuff it came with.
 So basically I paid a total of $15 (shipping wasn't free lol), and I got the prescription glasses with the case and cleaning cloth, AND they gave me another cleaning cloth plus a keychain:
To tighten loose screws on your glasses...ON THE GO! XD

 And last but not least, the other thing we wear on our eyes:
Princess Mimi/Bambi - Apple Green circle lenses
 I didn't like the Bambi series at looked incredibly vampiresque. Plus, I already ordered some EOS ones before, and they were on their way >
Buy yours from honeycolor, available in four colours
Not planning on going in detail on these. I think it's safe to say there have been an overkill of reviews on these lenses...but I'll tell you this. The 15mm should not scare you away like it did to me, because WOW...when they're on, they looked natural. Pearlie said if I didn't make an 'omg-I-just-saw-a-ghost' face, then the lenses blend in and don't look vampirey at all. And holy crap, the green looks so good with brown hair =D.

Pearlie and I have been planning out some updates/changes for by the way...WAHAHAHA. It's nothing amazing, but just sayin'. =D



ThisIsAlx said...

I like this contact lenses place!!! i like hte box they shipped the lenses in!! sooo cuteee.. and the case is soo cute tooo!!! omg i wore the new cons that we all got recently and i think soemthing is wrong with it -_-... like its blurry and at night when i see the light, it spaces out into a circe cloud thingy around the light >< do u think i can exchange it?

San said...

That's so weirdddd =( hmm I dunno b/c it's not newly bought...I will try asking her tho. Did you try to clean it (like gently rub it) with solution?

YAH, I like this place a lot more than the FB ones I used to buy might be like a bit more $ for certain lenses that we can find in the ones on FB, but then it's SO much more convenient...not having to facetrade and what not -_-"

ThisIsAlx said...

Noon don't need to ask :).. I rarely wear it n I think it was better today when I tried it but I need to try it at night time just to make sure because that's when I saw the clouds lol.... N yea I don't like facetradinggg.... I'm planning on selling the glasses I just got from clearlycontacts because large frames don't look too good on me^^ so I changed it to a sunglass but now i think it's too small and too dark lol.... How can I sell it??? Crags list? Kikongo? eBay? :(

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