May 17, 2011

Spring Inspiration.

I know that we are more than halfway into spring already...but I still wanted to post up this entry with pictures of some outfits that give me interesting ideas on what to wear when we have nice warm weather (even though the last few days have been rainy and cold T-T). Note: This entry is picture heavy...but if you continue to read on you'll find info on how to get free Khiel's samples! 

I love her ENTIRE outfit! (Click here for the source)

(Click here for the source)

(Click here for the source)
I love her pants and gladiator sandals! (Click here for the source)
Polka dots!!! (Click here for the source)
I need a cardigan like that...haha (Click here for the source)
(Click here for the source)
I love her vintage blouse and shorts... (Click here for the source)
Colour blocking... (Click here for the source)
For this spring, I'm feeling white/soft neutrals matched with something that gives a POP of colour. What about you?


P.S. If you're a Canadian resident, you may like to participate in Kiehl's Canada Facebook page giveaway. Every day until Friday, they are offering the first 700 fans who register, a free 7 day trial of their Healthy Skin Essentials. However, the exact time of when the giveaway starts each day is kept a secret, so if you want their free samples you better "like" their page now! ;)


ThisIsAlx said...

I love nudes (beige/creams) ive already bought so many nude things even my nails are nude lol i jsut want those nude skinniest reallllll bad =[ and i love all these fashion post pearl1!! i knew it would be you when I saw this post on my dashboard ^^.. and im on the free sample thing right after you said "like" their page now! I literally liked it "now!" hahahaha

ThisIsAlx said...

btw it says to try again.. what does that mean? do i "like" the page again tomorrow? lol that doesn't make any sense to me =P.. btw did u check out the free glasses are clearlycontacts? u missed last time right? i blogged about it

San said...

Ah yes...I agree with alx, nudes are so pretty <3 I'm also loving the mint green too...why is it so hard to find pants that fit like the 4th picture -_-? And I need decent "girly" socks to try wearing with heels...@.@

And the samples giveaway is so hard to catch -_-" alx, I think you just click that tab in the sidebar that takes you to the 7 day challenge promo page and you click participate (when it shows up the next day) to try and get in as the 700 people...?

Pearlie said...

haha alx....yeah I read your blog about clearlycontacts having another one of those glasses giveaways...but I ordered a pair last time so I cant get it anymore right?...anyways I hope we both get the kiehl's samples LOL :D

ThisIsAlx said...

ohh i think u can still get a new pair if u use a new name and email address but this time i didnt see anythign i like =[...wat did u order?? show uss ! =]

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